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HEAD COACH: Taylor Jenkins
VENUE: FedExForum - 191 Beale Street, Memphis, TN 38103
CAPACITY: 18,119
Grizzlies Stats Per Game
D. Bane SF242428.
J. Jackson PF242427.05.412.8.4232.36.1.3673.26.7.475.5112.73.2.8421.
J. Morant PG191932.68.918.8.4761.64.6.3567.314.2.515.5204.65.9.7771.
S. Adams C242424.
D. Melton SG211224.
K. Anderson PF21221.
T. Jones PG24518.
J. Konchar SG22015.
Z. Williams SF19017.
B. Clarke PF19016.
D. Brooks SF111026.16.415.5.4091.65.0.3274.710.5.448.4622.93.2.9140.
X. Tillman PF17013.
S. Aldama PF13010.
K. Tillie C1007.
J. Culver SG808.
S. Merrill SG609.
Team Total2442.092.9.44612.135.1.30629.957.8.557.50914.819.5.68813.034.847.825.59.86.313.418.8111.0
Grizzlies Stats, Total
D. Bane SF2424690148312.47462155.40086157.548.5742932.90614921064821103859387
J. Jackson PF2424647130307.42354147.36776160.475.5116476.842271041312420483480378
J. Morant PG1919619170357.4763187.356139270.515.52087112.77725811061293056025458
S. Adams C242459263120.52500.00063120.525.5254670.657911142056520183642172
D. Melton SG211251982201.40838105.3624496.458.5021320.6501968875133143632215
K. Anderson PF21245566154.4291850.36048104.462.4871519.78923871105018102030165
T. Jones PG24544363134.4702251.4314183.494.5521921.90545458951921711167
J. Konchar SG2203393666.5451025.4002641.634.62138.37521618229165132685
Z. Williams SF1903393599.3541665.2461934.559.43446.667523281286113390
B. Clarke PF19030464105.610111.0916394.670.6141827.66733508326717833147
D. Brooks SF111028770171.4091855.32752116.448.4623235.91482836311522638190
X. Tillman PF1702373172.431421.1902751.529.4581317.76519335223197111679
S. Aldama PF1301362159.356326.1151833.545.381610.600142337122341351
K. Tillie C10077823.348413.308410.400.43512.5005382453921
J. Culver SG80651426.53839.3331117.647.59648.500291111302135
S. Merrill SG6058824.333723.30411.000.47924.5001674002325
Team Total2410092230.446291843.3067181387.557.509356467.68831183611476122351523214512665

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Who Is The Best Grizzlies Player?

The Grizzlies went all in on Ja Morant when they used their second overall pick on him back in 2019. So far, the 21-year-old has paid the team dividends, as he has not only established himself as the best player on the roster, but also as one of the most promising young studs in the NBA today.

After a memorable debut campaign for the Grizzlies last season, Morant has taken his game to a higher level this term. Over the first half of the season, the 6-foot-3 point guard has put up averages of 19.8 points, 3.3 rebounds, 7.7 assists, and 1.0 steals. He's the biggest reason Memphis is currently battling for a playoff spot in a ruthless Western Conference, and the rate at which he develops over the next few years will have a significant impact on this franchise's future.