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HEAD COACH: Doc Rivers
VENUE: Wells Fargo Center - 3601 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148
CAPACITY: 20,478
76ers Stats Per Game
T. Maxey PG232335.46.413.8.4651.13.1.3615.310.7.496.5063.23.6.8920.
S. Curry SG212134.
G. Niang PF22424.
F. Korkmaz SG21523.
T. Harris PF141434.17.816.4.4761.24.1.2986.612.3.535.5132.42.9.8291.
A. Drummond C211021.
S. Milton PG18425.04.510.0.4500.82.9.2883.77.1.516.4921.71.9.8820.
M. Thybulle SG16525.
J. Embiid C121232.26.616.2.4071.43.5.4055.212.7.408.4517.49.8.7542.28.810.
D. Green SF151223.
P. Reed C1429.
I. Joe SG1309.
C. Bassey PF1008.
J. Springer SG102.
Team Total2240.088.0.46711.632.8.26828.355.2.559.53116.520.3.8559.
76ers Stats, Total
T. Maxey PG2323815148318.4652672.361122246.496.5067483.8929798811217142755396
S. Curry SG2121713125244.51247110.42778134.582.6094651.90295059561823450343
G. Niang PF22454488206.42746124.3714282.512.5392628.92965359361371757248
F. Korkmaz SG21549869185.37336112.3213373.452.4701924.79275259561732218193
T. Harris PF1414477109229.4761757.29892172.535.5133441.8291410111552672420269
A. Drummond C211045956119.47101.00056118.475.4712646.565711542254419253858138
S. Milton PG18445081180.4501552.28866128.516.4923034.882104454531372034207
M. Thybulle SG1654083976.5131137.2972839.718.58666.00083341173222173495
J. Embiid C121238679194.4071742.40562152.408.45189118.754261051315011203429264
D. Green SF15123464086.4653174.419912.750.64544.0001025351624101328115
P. Reed C1421371835.51403.0001832.563.51400.00016223889962136
I. Joe SG1301241545.3331034.294511.455.44444.000214168104944
C. Bassey PF100811218.66703.0001215.800.66757.71410192921731129
J. Springer SG10200.00000.00000.000.00000.000000000000
Team Total228791935.467256721.2686231214.559.531363446.8551987519495101811332594242377

Top philadelphia 76ers Stats Questions

Who Is The Best 76ers Player?

This is a bit of a tough one. Depending on where you're sitting, you could easily make a compelling case for either Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid.

At this point in their careers, however, we're going to have to take Embiid with a slight edge over Simmons.

Last season, Embiid averaged 23.0 points (on 47.7 percent shooting), 11.6 rebounds, 3.0 assists, and 1.3 blocks, while also connecting on 1.1 triples per game -- and it wasn't even a good year for him. The 26-year-old is without a doubt one of the top big men in the game today, if not the rest.

Simmons is a tremendous player, and he could easily emerge as the Sixers' cornerstone superstar -- overtaking Embiid -- in the near future, but right now, Embiid is still the man for Philly.