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ClutchPoints is a team of sports writers covering the NBA, NFL, and MLB. In addition to covering breaking news and stories, we also provide a game-changing mobile app to follow games live.


Willy He
Chief Operating Officer
Willy He is a social media/app growth strategist from Los Angeles, CA. While attending school at UCLA for a degree in Economics, he worked at ClutchPoints and helped grow many popular viral social media accounts.
Dillon Reagan
Dillon Reagan is a sports writer and editor from Simi Valley, CA. While earning his degree from UC Santa Barbara, he worked with the school's athletic department as well as the Santa Barbara Foresters collegiate baseball team. He now leads ClutchPoints' effort to create social-first partnerships.
Vincent Sung
VP - Product
Vincent Sung is a product manager and software engineer from Los Angeles, CA. While working as a management consultant prior to joining ClutchPoints, he designed, developed, and launched several iOS apps. Vincent graduated from UCLA with a degree in Chemical Engineering and now leads the design and development of all ClutchPoints web properties and iOS/Android mobile app.
Tomer Azarly
Tomer Azarly is a passionate NBA writer and editor in Los Angeles, CA. He's working on a degree in broadcast journalism, and has been the Editor-In-Chief and Social Media Manager of Cavs Nation for over a year.
Andrew Kennedy
Andrew Kennedy is an NBA writer from West Palm beach, FL. He graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2013 with a degree in journalism. Formerly the Director of FanSided's NBA Division and editor of Thunderous Intentions, he's been a sports writer working for newspapers in Oklahoma the past three years.
Nikki Goel
Business Development
Nikki Goel is a Chemical Engineer, Manager of Business Development for ClutchPoints and Editor-in-Chief for Cavs Nation. "In religion we call it spirits. In science we call it energy. In the streets we call it vibes. All I'm saying is trust it."
Frank Smith
Graphic Artist
Frank Smith is a graphic artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Miami University in 2016 with a degree in Interactive Media Studies. He's responsible for managing the ClutchPoints apparel brand, ClutchAuthority.
Dan Duangdao
Dan Duangdao is an NBA Editor at ClutchPoints. He is also the Chief Executive Officer at LA Sports Media and the former Editor-in-Chief at Lakers Nation.
Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward is a veteran sportswriter who has covered the NBA and NFL for nearly a decade. Along with numerous exclusive interviews with professional athletes, Ward has been credentialed by the Los Angeles Lakers since 2011.
Bruno Manrique
Bruno Manrique is a sports writer from San Francisco, CA. He's a former columnist for Bleacher Report and statistician for several pro sports teams in the Bay Area. He's covered a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, softball and boxing. His favorite player is Allen Iverson and he won't go a day without a cup of coffee.
Tobenna Attah
Tobenna Attah is a reporter for ESPN Ithaca and sports writer for the Cornell Daily Sun. He is a junior at Cornell University studying Communications with a minor in Business. Also, he is a member of the varsity men's track and field team.
Arlos Sara
Arlos Sara graduated with a degree in Psychology. He is an NBA writer and editor for ClutchPoints and Cavs Nation. Back in the day, while other kids were consumed by their toys and comic books, young Arlos was already thumbing through the pages of sports magazines.
Andre Key
Andre Key is a Los Angeles native that enjoys walks on the beach. He has been writing, blogging, talking and debating about the NBA since 2004, however his love for the game has been there his entire life. Some consider him a techie because he enjoys gaming, creating websites, testing AAA games software, repairing computers, and modding sports forums.
Victor Galvez
Victor Galvez is a proud father, husband and an entrepreneur. He is currently living in the Philippines and has earned himself a degree in Economics. He considers himself the biggest Dwyane Wade and Miami Heat fan. But overall, a basketball junkie who loves to write about the sport.
Bob Garcia IV
Bob Garcia IV is a sports journalist who has covered the Los Angeles Lakers over the last four seasons. He has also covered the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Dodgers.
Mark Alexander Abel
Mark Alexander Abel graduated from De La Salle University with a degree in literature. Growing up in California as a kid, Mark intends to infect his devotion for Bay Area sports teams onto his peers -- much to their dismay. Mark's an avid fan of borderline-pretentious films and TV shows, and he's one of those guys who thinks rap is poetry.
Rexwell Villas
Rexwell Villas likes to talk and write about sports, with most of his interest lies with basketball. A Communications Arts graduate from the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines, Rexwell claims to have the same conscience on the hardwood as J.R. Smith, firing shots as soon as the rim is in sight.
Brad Taningco
Brad Taningco has been a sports fan his entire life. The NBA and soccer are his first loves, with the NFL, MLB, and college sports not far behind. He loves watching, reading, and writing about them.
Tim Kohut
Tim is a New York based writer/comedian who has an affinity for the finer things in life. This includes (but not limited to) brewing his own seltzer, owning an enormous amounts of feral cats, and arguing about how LeBron will never be as good as Michael Jordan. Ever.
Kalib Tilley
Kalib Tilley graduated from Brock University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Sport Management. He's really good at watching basketball, semi-good at writing about it.
Daniel So
Daniel So is a 2016 Political Science graduate from Davidson College and an aspiring sportswriter and sports analyst.
Max Heinrich
As a native of northern Illinois, Max Heinrich has been a devoted Bulls fan since the 2005-2006 season. In addition to the NBA, Max also follows the NFL (Go Pack Go), English Premier League (Come on you Gunners!) and most of all United States Men's National team very closely, although he generally have strong knowledge about anything sports related. Outside of my sports related interests, he also enjoys playing chess, soccer and exercising regularly.
Derek Ciapala
Derek Ciapala is a sports writer whose work has appeared at Yahoo! Sports, Sports Out West, and at his own site, Rams Talk. He's covered multiple teams throughout the last six years, including the Lakers, Rams, and Angels. A writer by night and a teacher by day, you can find him educating students in a high school somewhere near the Ohio/Pennsylvania border.
Rob Marsico
Rob is a senior at Miami University. The other Miami. He's a lifelong proponent of the wave and salary caps.
Patrick Kollmeier
Patrick Kollmeier is a filmmaker, writer, marketer and producer out of Cincinnati, OH. His love and disappointment for the Cincinnati Bengals runs deep, and he has also been responsible for converting several friends in the area into diehard NBA fans like himself. Patrick graduated from Miami University in 2012 and believes the Crunch 'N Munch is the greatest sandwich in human existence. Being a Cincy sports fan comes with an extra dose of Aspirin.


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