Tekken 8 Patch 1.05 is the second biggest update of the season, balancing gameplay and both buffing and nerfing all fighters. However, Bandai Namco previously stated before the patch's launch that the scale of the update will be the last for Season 1. Meaning to say, moving forward all other updates will mainly focus on bug fixes and other minor improvements. Having that said, here's everything you need to know about the latest patch.

Tekken 8 Patch Notes 1.05 Release Date

Tekken 8 version 1.05.00 went live on June 10, 2024 (PDT). What came in this update were new items in the Tekken Shop, functional improvements, bug fixes, and fighter adjustments.

New Tekken Shop Items

New items have entered the Tekken Shop for players to purchase. Here's a full list of all new items:

  • New costume packs “Dangerous Grappler Pack” and “Wonderful Wrestler Pack” available for all playable characters
  • A legacy costume for Asuka (Tekken 5)
  • One free avatar customization item

Asuka's legacy costume, the Dangerous Grappler Pack, and the Wonderful Wrestler Pack all cost 400 Tekken Coins each. The cheapest deal players can purchase is 500 Tekken Coins, which costs $4.99.

Functional Improvements and Bug Fixes

Aside from the overall gameplay, Bandai Namco must maintain its game by patching even the smallest issues found. For Tekken 8 Patch 1.05, a few graphics settings and minor tweaks to Practice Mode were added. Here's the full list of improvements:

  • Optimized the PC performance measurement process conducted during the initial launch and when resetting “Graphics Settings” (Steam version only).
  • Added a feature that automatically lowers the “Graphics Settings” for subsequent matches if the processing load exceeds a certain threshold during online battles (Steam version only).
  • Improved the “PRACTICE” mode by temporarily saving the settings for “Punishment Training” and the practice mode “Defense.” When playing again with the same character, the previous settings will be retained.
  • Other miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes were implemented.

Battle Balance

While Patch 1.04 was a success when it first launched in May, Patch 1.05 further improved what the previous update lacked. The latest update will have fighters that have special characteristics should now be able to fully utilize their abilities. In particular, fighters like Kazuya, Paul, and Raven, who were supposedly better variants from their previous versions will finally get a chance to shine in the latest patch.

Another issue the previous patch had was that some characters had overwhelmingly power combo and hit damage. The new patch resolves this issue by recalibrating the damage scaling of Heat Dashes, throws, and some stage gimmicks. Balancing these aspects of the game will prevent players from dishing out excessive combo damage.

Lastly, one of the many recent complaints of Tekken 8 was that defense felt almost non-existent during fights. The developers resolved this issue by removing the wall stagger initiated by Heat Dashes. In addition, they changed the concept of how to use Heat Bursts and throws to make sidestepping and 3D fighting more relevant in the game.

Character Buffs and Nerfs

In every update, players mostly care about whether or not their main character is getting buffed or nerfed. The importance of this information is so they can make certain adjustments to their playstyle or change characters entirely.

Before anything else, here's an additional note for newer players reading the Tekken 8 patch notes 1.05, here's a full breakdown of the move terminologies translated into their respective consoles:

  • Up – Up D-Pad for both PlayStation and Xbox
  • Down – Down D-pad for both PlayStation and Xbox
  • Forward – Right D-Pad for both PlayStation and Xbox
  • Back – Left D-Pad for both PlayStation and Xbox
  • Dash – Double-tap Left D-Pad for both PlayStation and Xbox
  • Backdash – Double-tap Right D-pad for both PlayStation and Xbox
  • 1 – Square on PlayStation and X on Xbox
  • 2 – Triangle on PlayStation and Y on Xbox
  • 3 – X on PlayStation and A on Xbox
  • 4 – Circle on PlayStation and B on Xbox

This article will also only include characters with significant changes that came in the patch.

Asuka (Buffed)

Asuka has been adjusted over two updates, v1.04 and the current v1.05, to further differentiate her from Jun, who uses the same Kazama-style techniques, and to enhance Asuka's unique strengths.

In v1.04, the focus was on enhancing major moves that can turn the tide of battle, such as “Naniwa Gusto” and “Destabilizer.” This time, the adjustments make it easier to incorporate mix-ups from moves like “1” and “Dash – 2,” which make it easier to land on the opponent.

Additionally, one of Asuka's signature moves, “Forward – 2” has been changed so that when it hits, it can lead to an aerial combo while also obtaining “Naniwa Gusto.” This allows for a significant reward when successfully whiff punishing the opponent.

Azucena (Buffed)

Continuing from the adjustments in v1.04, Azucena has been further refined to enhance her playstyle, emphasizing her unique character traits, particularly focusing on moves related to “Facing Backward state” and “Libertador.”

The variety of offensive options has been expanded by enabling transitions into the Facing Backward state from a fast mid-attack with “Down+Forward – 1 – 4 – Back (hold)” or into “Libertador” from a low attack with “Down – 4 – 1 – Forward (hold).”

Additionally, since her aerial combos lacked some appeal and stability, moves that serve as combo connectors, such as “Down – 2 – 3” and “Back facing opponent “3” have been strengthened.

Eddy (Balanced)

Eddy is a character who excels at opening up the opponent's guard with a series of mid and low attacks, utilizing a rich array of kick techniques and special stances. However, some of his moves had low risk, causing an imbalance between risk and reward that was not intended. Therefore, adjustments have been made.

The moves “Back – 3 – 3” and “While Rising – 1 – 3” serve as deterrents against opponents trying to interrupt Eddy's flow with attacks. However, because the risk when these moves were blocked was too low compared to their high reward on hit, their recovery time has been increased.

Additionally, one of Eddy's main moves, “Dash – 3,” possessed strong properties in various aspects, overshadowing the use of other low attacks. As a result, the risk when this move is blocked has been increased. Conversely, the move “Down+Forward – 4” has had its recovery time reduced to provide a safer option in situations where lower risk is desired.

Feng (Nerfed)

In v1.05, in addition to stabilizing movement, adjustments were made to some of Feng's techniques, such as “3 – 3” and “Up+Forward – 2,” which contributed to low-risk and passive strategies. Conversely, the unique counter move “Shifting Clouds (Foward – 3+4)” has been strengthened with an option “2.” Additionally, the somewhat hard-to-use move”Down – Down+Forward – Forward – 1+2″ has been adjusted so that on counter hit, it leads into a Heat Engager that hits consecutively, thereby increasing opportunities for Heat activation.

Hworang (Balanced)

Hwoarang is a character known for his powerful rush attacks utilizing a variety of kicks, combining high and mid attacks in his relentless offensive sequences. However, supplementary elements such as power crushes and low attacks have become particularly challenging for many players to counter. Therefore, in Tekken 8 Patch 1.05, some of these aspects have been restrained.

Nevertheless, considering the overall game balance, Hwoarang's character performance is not excessively high. Thus, compensatory buffs have also been implemented. For instance, the “Down – 3 – 4” and other so-called “Low & High” sequences have been adjusted so that they can be reliably punished if the first hit is blocked. To balance the increased risk, their damage has been increased.

Additionally, the damage of “While Rising – 3” and the range of “While Rising – 2 – 3” have been improved to address the previously somewhat unreliable counterattack capabilities from a crouching position.

Jun (Buffed)

Jun is a character with unique abilities granted by Kazama's Power, allowing her to perform powerful attacks at the cost of her own health or heal herself. In v1.04, the mechanics of attacks using Kazama's Power were revised. Previously, all consumed health would become recoverable, but this was changed so that a portion of the consumed health would not be recoverable and would instead disappear. This adjustment increased the risk of using Kazama's Power, leading to more passive play.

Considering this, Tekken 8 Patch 1.05 introduces several health-recovering attacks that restore health when they hit, making it easier for Jun to showcase her unique abilities. This adjustment aims to enhance the usability and versatility of actions involving health fluctuations.

Additionally, since the practical use of certain moves was limited, the performance of some powerful techniques has been toned down. At the same time, enhancements have been made, particularly focusing on the special stance “Genjitsu,” to broaden the range of strategies available.

Kazuya (Buffed)

In Tekken 8 Patch 1.05, Kazuya has undergone performance changes aimed at improving character usability in various aspects, in addition to stabilizing his behavior.

Notably, Kazuya has been adjusted to deliver significant damage from the quick mid-combo attack “Down+Forward – 1 -4,” addressing the high difficulty of counterattacking after blocking or evading attacks.

Additionally, attacks utilizing the devil's power during Heat state had poor usability due to the high consumption rate of the Heat timer. Thus, the performance and commands have been revised to enhance convenience.

However, the move “Dash – 2,” despite being a mid-Heat Engager with excellent speed and range, had low risk on block and was overshadowing other mid-attacks. Therefore, the distance to the opponent on block has been reduced.

King (Buffed)

King is a character who excels in using powerful strikes and power crushes as his core fighting style while aiming for a variety of strong command throws at critical moments. Consequently, he has been significantly affected by the changes to the battle system in Tekken 8 Patch 1.05, such as the weakening of various command throws and the overall suppression of high-power crush performance.

As explained in the common adjustments, some of King's command throws have been designated as homing attacks to make them stronger against sidestepping. However, since existing strategies need to be adjusted, several aspects of King's gameplay have been improved in Patch 1.05 to preserve his character appeal in different ways.

The most significant change is the input adjustment for “Beast Step (Forward – Neutral – Down – Down+Forward ),” which greatly enhances King's mobility, thereby increasing opportunities to initiate throws. Additionally, the new move “Dash – 2” introduced in this game has been adjusted to significantly increase the opponent's recovery time on block, making it harder for them to sidestep and avoid command throws.

However, “Dash – Neutral – 2,” a low-hitting move, had become exceedingly powerful and encouraged a playstyle that relied less on throws. Therefore, its performance has been slightly reduced.

Lee (Balanced)

In v1.05, Lee has been adjusted primarily to fix unstable behavior and to address the overall suppression of high-power crush performance.

However, due to the common adjustments to Heat Dash, Lee's opportunities to execute powerful combos involving “During Hitman – Up+Forward – 4” have decreased, resulting in a loss of some damage potential. To compensate for this, the reach of Heat Burst has been extended, and the stability of follow-up attacks from “While Rising – 2 – 3” has been improved.

Leo (Balanced)

In v1.05, Leo has been adjusted to enhance the unique appeal of the character in Tekken 8, focusing on improving specific performance aspects.

The behavior on counter hit for “Down – 1” has been changed to serve as an entry point for Heat activation. Additionally, the return on counter hit for “Back – 4 – 1” has been increased to make the cancel action of the second hit more effective. The usability of the newly added “Down – Down+Forward – Forward – 2 – 4” in Tekken has also been improved. While these changes may not be flashy, they should help expand Leo's offensive options by adding tactical nuances.

However, since Leo's combo damage involving walls had become exceedingly high, the damage of several moves contributing to this high damage has been reduced.

Leroy (Balanced)

In v1.05, Leroy has not undergone significant changes due to the numerous enhancements made in v1.04. Instead, the focus has been on addressing minor issues and fixing behaviors.

The move “Down+Forward – 2 – 1+2” is a high-damage combo starter, but it had become very unstable when hitting from the side after evading an opponent's attack with a sidestep. This issue has been resolved.

Additionally, the attacks “Forward – 2+3” and “Back+Down – 2+3,” which use his Cane, were rarely used due to the strict limitation of being usable only once per match and the fact that they would still be consumed even if interrupted during the startup. To address this, the consumption timing for the Cane has been changed to after the first hit of the attack lands, allowing for more strategic use in various situations.

Lili (Balanced)

In accordance with the overall direction of v1.05, Lili has undergone adjustments primarily to balance techniques with outstanding performance and those that create situations for one-sided offense.

The move “1 – 1” is a versatile combo technique with various strengths. However, the risk of stopping after the second attack was particularly low, which made it too dominant as an offensive starting point, reducing the usage opportunities of other moves. Therefore, it has been nerfed.

During Heat, “Down – Down+Forward – Forward – 3” was very powerful when used as a follow-up after “During Heat and Feisty Rabbit – 3,” allowing for a unilateral offensive loop. To address this, the behavior when hitting a downed opponent with “Down – Down+Forward – Forward – 3” has been changed to reduce the loop potential of the offense.

Regarding various “Piercing Thorn” techniques, such as “During Heat and Fiesty Rabbit – 4,” the wall stagger effect has been removed. Instead, these moves have been adjusted to facilitate continued offense regardless of positioning within the stage.

Paul (Buffed)

Paul is a character known for his standard set of moves and powerful mix-up attacks with mid and low options in crucial moments. However, his unique appeal in Tekken 8 had not been fully realized. Therefore, in Patch 1.05, various adjustments have been made, focusing on the new elements introduced in the game.

To make it easier for Paul to benefit from Heat-related mechanics, enhancements have been made to Heat Engagers such as “Forward – 2,” “Up+Forward – 2,” and “Forward – 4.” Additionally, the distance to the opponent has been reduced upon successful Heat activation with moves like “Down – Back+Down – Back – 2” and “Down – Down+Forward – Forward – 2,” making it easier to open up an opponent with moves like “Down – 4 – 2 – 1+”.

Moreover, one of Paul's signature moves, “Hammer of the Gods (Forward – 1+2),” has been made chargeable, and the usability of forward-charging moves like “Dash – 4” and “Dash – 2” has been improved to facilitate offense.

Furthermore, the newly added special movement “Deep Dive” in Tekken 8 can now be transitioned into from “Sway” expanding tactical options in ground combat and aerial combos, thus providing more versatility for players.

Raven (Buffed)

In v1.05, Raven has undergone adjustments to stabilize movements and enhance the appeal back turned techniques.

The long-reach and excellent low move “Aqua Spider (While crouching 8)” can now also be executed with the input 88,” making it easier to transition into back turned stance. Additionally, the improved performance of

“Back facing opponent 88” “increases the pressure on opponents by deterring their actions. Against defensive opponents, the low move “Back facing opponent,” which is suitable for pokes, has become more effective. These enhancements should make it easier to launch attacks from the back-turned stance than ever before.

Reina (Balanced)

In accordance with the overall direction of Tekken 8 Patch 1.05, Reina has undergone adjustments primarily focusing on moves with outstanding performance and elements related to high combo damage.

The fast-initiating and long-reaching move “Raiden (Dash – 2)” has been adjusted to make it easier to evade with sidesteps in both directions, fixing its previous tendency to hit opponents moving to the left. The “Manji-geri” series of moves, including “While crouching – Down+Forward – 4,” had very high evasive properties despite their high return on hit. Therefore, their hurtbox has been enlarged, and the crouching status has been removed.

Additionally, the damage of “While opponent is down – Down -4 – 1,” a significant contributor to high combo damage, has been reduced to mitigate the overall high return. However, due to the change in opponent behavior when performing a Heat Dash after hitting “Down+Forward – 1 – 2,” “Down – 4 – 1” can now be used as a follow-up, which enhances its power.

Victor (Buffed)

In Tekken 8 Patch 1.05, Victor has undergone numerous adjustments aimed at enhancing the character's uniqueness and playability, including the addition of new animations.

Victor is an easy-to-use character known for his powerful offense with the mid-attack “Forward – Dash – 2,” which maintains pressure even when blocked, and his extremely long-range Power Crush “Back – 1+2,” which provides strong defense. However, these moves tended to overshadow other techniques, leading to a more uniform playstyle.

To address this, v1.05 has seen a reduction in the performance of these moves, while moves branching from special stances have been improved. Additionally, the “Perfumer” move has been granted parry properties, and the “Iai Stance” can now be transitioned into from “Forward – 4 – 2” and “Forward – Dash – 2,' allowing a broader range of techniques to shine.

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