The Madden 25 Reveal Trailer gave a shoutout to Pittsburgh Steelers' QB Justin Fields in a hilarious and exciting way. Thanks to teammate Jaylen Warren and his wild idea back in May, it seems even EA Sports wanted to have some fun in the action. Without further ado, let's take a look at the trailer.

Madden 25 Reveal Trailer Shows Steelers' QB Justin Fields Returning Kicks

The EA Sports Madden 25 Reveal Trailer, released earlier today, shows a clip of Pittsburgh Steelers' QB Justin Fields performing a kick return. Fields, who wears the #2 on his new team, can be seen in the trailer just a few seconds in, where he returns a kick sent from Browns kicker Dustin Hopkins. Furthermore, the trailer even shows off the new 2024 NFL Kick-off rules, which begin this season.

The whole Justin Fields kick-off return story began back in May when Steelers' RB Jaylen Warren mentioned how the Steelers might use Fields in some interesting ways. “Our special teams coordinator was talking about Justin Fields being back there,” Warren said. “We looked at him like ‘Justin Fields about to be back there?‘ and I don't know I think it's cool.”

Of course, Fields shut down that rumor later on down the line. “Nah, I think everybody kind of interpreted it wrong,” Fields said. “Coach Danny was basically just trying to send a message that no matter who you are, you could be on special teams. He just used that as an example.” While Fields thought it was funny to see all the reactions, he made it clear that he is a QB, and nothing else.

But perhaps the Steelers might have multiple ways to use the 25 year old speedster. The Chicago Bears originally drafted him 11th overall in 2021 NFL Draft. After three rough seasons, the team decided to trade Fields as they set sights on the new No 1. overall pick, Caleb Williams. The Steelers traded for fields in March, where he'll be the backup QB under veteran Russell Wilson.

Overall, there are a variety of ways the Steelers could use someone with Fields' skill-set. Even if Wilson starts, Fields could still see playing time while under Wilson's tutelage. Furthermore, Wilson could also struggle this year, leaving an opportunity for Fields to step in. Regardless, it'll be interesting to watch the Steelers' QB room over the course of the year, and see what happens. We hope to see the former Buckeye make a nice comeback into the NFL.

But of course, now we look forward to actually returning kicks with Justin Fields in Madden 25. We imagine he'd make for a great returner, and a possible game-breaker if used correctly. With his size, speed, and strength, Fields makes for a great player to use in modes like Franchise. You'll get a chance to take him places when Madden 25 releases this August.

Anyway, feel free to check out the Madden 25 Reveal Trailer. This year's installment sees improvements to Franchise, Presentation, and tackling thanks to the new BOOM Tech on next-gen. However, we're cautiously optimistic for the next Madden title, which does seem to make some cool changes like a returning team builder mode. And of course, with College Football 25 on the way, there's hopefully more urgency to make a better Madden title.

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