Madden 25‘s Franchise mode will include a Team Builder website that lets you create your own team. The last Madden entry in the series that let you create your own team was Madden 12, released in 2011. Now, players will once again have an opportunity to create their own team to play with. While we don't have all the details just yet, the recent Madden 25 dev blog gives us some insight on how it works.

Will Madden 25 Let You Create Your Own Team? – Team Builder Explained

Yes, Madden 25 will include a Team Builder mode that lets you design your own team using the Team Builder website's customization tools. This feature will allow you to:

  • Upload your own logos
  • Create, design, and personalize your team uniforms and helmets
  • Design your team's field
  • Search for or share your designs in the download center

You can import your Madden 25 created team into Franchise mode, where you can play a full 17-game season and fight your way to the Super Bowl. And yes, this applies to Online Franchise mode as well. Of course, you'll need an internet connection, EA account, as well as an actual account to play.

As we mentioned before, the last Madden game to include this feature was Madden 12, released in 2011. Back then, you could create a team using pre-created logos, but you could still customize your location, stadium, uniforms, and more. It seems that Madden 25's Team Builder wants to take it a step further by letting you upload your own logos.

Additionally, you can explore what other players are creating via the download center. So you'll be able to share your design or use one already created by someone online. And the best part – you can use your created teams in Online Franchise. So if you're running a league with your friends and want to surprise them with your own custom team, go ahead! It's exciting to think about.

Overall, that includes everything we know so far about Madden 25's Team Builder. Out of all the new improvements to Madden 25, this one catches our eye the most. In my Madden 24, I spoke about presentation and customization feeling lackluster. And the community has always been vocal about bringing back one of the coolest features. Perhaps one day we'll get to create our own playbooks too, even if they're only for offline modes.

Of course, I also want to be cautiously optimistic about the game as well. While I think some of these improvements sound fine on paper, we won't know how they feel until the game releases in August. That said, I appreciate EA Sports' effort of bringing more to the table this go around.

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