Goat Simulator 3 may not be the first game to pop into your mind when we talk about games with great DLC, but this is definitely an exception. Here is our review of the recently released Goat Simulator 3 DLC: Multiverse of Nonsense.

Goat Simulator 3 Multiverse of Nonsense Review

Let’s first talk about where the DLC will be available. The Goat Simulator 3 DLC: Multiverse of Nonsense is available on all platforms that the base game is available: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam, the Microsoft Store, and the Epic Games Store.

Of course, players must first buy the base game before they can buy and play the DLC.

What Is Goat Simulator 3?

Before I dive into the DLC, let’s first talk about what the base game, Goat Simulator 3, is all about. Goat Simulator 3 is a physics sandbox game where players take control of, you guessed it, a goat.

As a goat, the player can explore a big open map, using their strong legs to climb up walls, their horns to headbutt obstacles, and their tongues to lick things and drag them around (I still don’t know how this works).

Players are free to either follow numerous quests and side quests scattered throughout the map or just roam freely to cause chaos all over.

While the game is playable solo, it’s even better with friends. Just imagine: four goats roaming the land, causing chaos wherever they went. If that’s not a good time, then I don’t know what is.

There’s so much more to Goat Simulator 3, and whatever I write cannot do it justice. If you want to experience it for yourself, make sure to get the game for yourself.

Thankfully, players don’t need to have finished the base game to try out the DLC, which we will now talk about.

Multiverse of Nonsense Gameplay

As it is a DLC, Multiverse of Nonsense has all of the gameplay from the base game. That is, players can still headbutt things, lick things, and climb up walls. To keep things fresh, however, the developers decided to create various different locations, each with their own unique quests, story, and chaotic fun.

For example, in one corner of the map is a totally original mythological mountaintop city that nobody has seen before. To reach said city, players can either use glowing purple pillars to catapult themselves to the top, or drive a wooden horse vehicle that is definitely a gift up the mountain and into the city.

In said mountaintop city, a fearsome monster known as the Hydra was in need of killing. Scaling the city brings players face to face with the Hydra if the Hydra was a bunch of long-necked chameleons with their heads sticking out of a hole at the center of an arena.

Headbutting the Hydra heads (which kept growing until there was no safe location in the Arena), will eventually lead to the Hydra’s death, which rewards players with horns that can call down lightning on command. Players can then use said lightning on anything and everything, like that pesky villager that likes kicking goats.

This is the kind of gameplay that you can expect from the DLC, which is par for the course for Goat Simulator 3 shenanigans.

What’s even more fun is that this DLC brings in a new wave of references and easter eggs to the game, something they have been doing since the first game. One such reference is the crossover to another Coffee Stain game: Deep Rock Galactic.

While in the Deep Rock Galactic section of the game, players will have to mine ore in a Lord of the Ring-esque dwarven mine and bring them back to the totally-lore-accurate robot companion: Molly. Doing so will raise the player’s mining level, eventually giving them access to a drill that unlocks more sections of the map.

Now you might be wondering: these all seem like simple tasks. Won’t I get bored just doing this over and over again? There are two big reasons why it wouldn’t. The first is that there is such a variety of tasks that players will always find something new to do. You could be mining one second, and grinding on railroads the next.

The second is the fact that this game is also a multiplayer game, something that I was able to experience during a play session with the game’s developers.

When our group fought the Hydra, we all laughed as we continuously got launched into the air. While we were mining, we found ourselves talking about the game’s development, and just how much care was put into the game (a separate article about this will come out at a later date).

Goat Simulator 3 is a fun game, hell, it’s a great one. However, I believe that its full potential comes out when you play it with more people, especially with friends, and Multiverse of Nonsense gives players even more tools to make the game even more enjoyable with friends.

As much as I want to talk about what other gameplay features Multiverse of Nonsense brings to the Goat Simulator 3, I believe that it’s better for players to discover it for themselves (so as not to spoil the fun), Instead, I will move on and talk about the DLC’s story.

Multiverse of Nonsense Story

Multiverse of Nonsense’s story has a basic premise: everything went wrong. Thanks to everything going wrong, the Multiverse is in shambles, with numerous universes crashing into each other and seeping into the world.

To save this chaotic world, you must do what you do best: cause even more chaos, because if things get very chaotic, it will loop right back around to being good again. Also, being chaotic will bring you to the numerous color-coded instability stones, which you must place in the tiara container that is definitely not a glove.

If that summary of what game is anything to go by, Multiverse of Nonsense does not take itself seriously. How can it, when there is literally a giant Capybara in the sky watching your every move?

However, the DLC does not need to take itself seriously. This is a game about goats causing chaos, after all. Why should it be serious?

This doesn’t mean, however, that the story is not important. The DLC’s story adds a lot to the gaming experience. You have a clear goal of what you need to do, and you have the commentary and humor to go alongside it. Finishing the story itself is also satisfying, thanks to its numerous twists and turns.

I can’t spoil much about the story of the DLC, partially because I myself have not finished it thanks to the numerous distractions I got distracted by. However, from what I saw so far, the DLC’s story is something that’s worth experiencing at least once.

Review Verdict – Is the Goat Simulator 3 DLC worth your time and money?

In a word? Yes. Goat Simulator 3’s DLC Multiverse of Nonsense is definitely worth the money. It’s basically a whole new game added onto the base game, giving players tens, if not hundreds, of new content to play.

The DLC’s numerous new features and pretty interesting story are definitely worth the price you pay, especially when playing it with friends. Not only that, but it also has near-endless replayability, allowing players to experiment with their powers, costumes, and more.

Score: 9/10

That’s all for our Goat Simulator 3 Multiverse of Nonsense DLC review.

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Editor’s note: ClutchPoints received a PC review copy of Goat Simulator 3: Multiverse of Nonsense to allow us to cover the game. This copy did not, in any way, affect the review’s verdict.