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NBA exec says teams will start ‘circling’ around Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns after a ‘couple more years of losing’

Karl-Anthony Towns, Timberwolves

An anonymous NBA executive says his team, and every other team in the league for that matter, will start “circling” around Karl-Anthony Towns after the Minnesota Timberwolves endure a “couple more years of losing.”

Towns signed a five-year, $158.25 million extension with the Timberwolves last summer. Minnesota is nowhere near close to contending in the Western Conference. This particular executive wonders if Towns will be the next star to request a trade.

“Feels like he’s next right? I know everyone is looking and anticipating,” the exec told Keith Smith of Real GM. “But he hasn’t said anything about wanting to leave. They certainly aren’t even listening to trade offers for him. A couple more years of losing? Then we’ll all start circling.”

Karl-Anthony Towns is one of the best big men in the NBA. However, the Timberwolves don’t have that much talent around KAT, who has only made the playoffs once in his career since being the No. 1 overall pick back in 2015.

This past season, Towns averaged 24.4 points, 12.4 rebounds and 3.4 assists while shooting 51.8 percent from the field, 40.0 percent from beyond the arc and 83.6 percent from the free-throw line. The Timberwolves won just 36 games.

Minnesota fans are hoping Towns doesn’t pull a Kevin Love or Anthony Davis and request a trade. It’s up to the front office to build a contender around Towns.