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Draymond Green reveals savage trash talk at Russell Westbrook

Warriors, Draymond Green, Russell Westbrook

As part of a recent one-on-one interview session, Golden State Warriors All-Star Draymond Green revealed that he likes talking trash to Russell Westbrook on the court.

Green loves to run his mouth on the floor, but he often backs this gab up with solid play on both ends of the court. He’s never one to back down, which is a trait that he sees in Westbrook.

“A guy like Russ is always on 100 percent,” Green said during his appearance. “It’s never 70 percent or 60 percent. He’s always on 100.”

As the interview went on, Green began to reflect on some of the trash-talking moments that he has shared with Westbrook:

“I start yelling at him, like, ‘We don’t need to beat them. Russ is going to beat them,” Green said of Westbrook’s willingness to hoist up shots. Like, ‘uh-oh, there he goes. He’s about to shoot them out of the game.

“The he comes back at me like, ‘You can’t shoot. You can’t play,'” Green added. “It’s just… that’s one of the guys I enjoy going back and forth with the most. I have a lot of respect for him, but Russ is a guy who is going to keep talking back.”

Westbrook has heard his name tossed about in several trade discussions in recent days. After asking Oklahoma City to trade him last year, the former MVP wants Houston to do the same this offseason. According to reports, he is unhappy with the direction in which the team is heading. There is just one problem, however: his hefty contract. He’s due $132,932,520 over the next three years.

Whether or not Westbrook will be playing for the Rockets in the coming season remains to be seen, but Warriors star Draymond Green will be waiting for their next trash-talking affair.