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White Sox manager Tony La Russa claims Josh Donaldson made racist comments to Tim Anderson

Tony La Russa, Tim Anderson, Josh Donaldson

The feud between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees reached a boiling point on Saturday night. During the game, an altercation between Yasmani Grandal and new Yankees star Josh Donaldson resulted in a bench-clearing brawl. However, a different incident during the game took all the headlines, as Tony La Russa lobbed a big claim towards the Yankees 3B.

After the game, La Russa claimed that Josh Donaldson made racist remarks towards White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson. La Russa would decline to comment further, but Anderson himself confirmed his manager’s statement. According to the shortstop, Donaldson called him “Jackie”, in reference to Jackie Robinson. (via NBC Sports)

Donaldson would also comment on the matter after the game. The Yankees slugger admitted that he called the White Sox SS “Jackie”. However, Donaldson claims that he was merely ribbing him, and he has been doing it with Anderson for quite some time now. (via Jomboy Media)

Oh boy. Donaldson claims to be referencing Anderson’s 2019 comments. In that interview, the White Sox shortstop claimed that he felt like he was this generation’s Jackie Robinson. Robinson, of course, is one of the greatest players of all-time, and is widely credited with helping break the color barrier in the MLB.

Donaldson did say that he was open to discussing the matter with Anderson if he so pleases. However, the initial optics of the matter seem to be in favor of the White Sox star. We will keep you posted on the matter, and whether Donaldson will receive a punishment from the league from this claim.