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East Fishkill, NY
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Game Rant, IBTimes, Mashable

Kevin Billings is part of ClutchPoints' Entertainment team and is a lifelong geek for video games, movies, pro wrestling, and more. That doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy some good athletic competition, whether it be a high-profile UFC title fight or seeing what the New York Rangers can do.

Bruce Springsteen hits $1 billion career milestoneBruce Springsteen has gone from the working class to top of the class as the musician has officially been classified as a billionaire.Kevin Billings ·
Bruce Springsteen, E Street Band, billionaire
Logan star reveals Andrew Garfield's inspiration on bombshell Deadpool 3 cameoTo keep her Deadpool and Wolverine appearance a secret, Dafne Keen said she looked to Andrew Garfield kept his MCU appearance quiet.Kevin Billings ·
Deadpool and Wolverine, Dafne Keen, Andrew Garfield
Glen Powell tips his hat to 'legend' Bill Paxton upon Twisters releaseTo celebrate the release of Twisters, Glen Powell took to social media to pay tribute to Paxton in a touching post as a "tip of the hat."Kevin Billings ·
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Avengers 5: Kevin Feige turned down 2 directors before Russo Brothers returnAccording to a new report, Kevin Feige allegedly only had eyes on the Russos as Avengers 5 and 6's directors and shot down plenty others.Kevin Billings ·
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Who is the new Falcon? History of Sam Wilson's new sidekick in Captain America 4Captain America has long had Falcon by his side, and this will continue with a new Falcon joining Sam Wilson's Captain America in the MCU.Kevin Billings ·
Captain America, Falcon, Marvel
Captain America 4: Who is the Leader? Full history of villainous Incredible Hulk characterWith Samuel Sterns set to return in Captain America: Brave New World, audiences should become familiar with the man known as The Leader.Kevin Billings ·
Captain America, Samuel Sterns, The Leader, Marvel
Did Captain America 4 trailer contain Eternals easter egg?The first trailer for Captain America: Brave New World may have teased the return of a seemingly forgotten Eternals plot point.Kevin Billings ·
Captain America, Eternals, Marvel
Twisters scores massive endorsement from Top Gun star Tom CruiseAnthony Ramos revealed Twisters received the Tom Cruise seal of approval after its screening at the Cannes Film Festival earlier in 2024.Kevin Billings ·
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Deadpool 3 director draws line in the sand with age-restriction admissionDeadpool and Wolverine's director, along with its stars, have their own thoughts on what ages are appropriate to see the new MCU film.Kevin Billings ·
Deadpool and Wolverine, Shawn Levy, Marvel
The Killers concert stops to watch England's Euro win before 'Mr. Brightside'The Killers went viral after halting their concert in London to air England's Euro Cup semifinal match, leading to an impromptu celebration.Kevin Billings ·
The Killers, UEFA Euro, England
Superman director James Gunn unveils new look at logoJames Gunn took to social media to give audiences a clean look at the symbol that will adorn Superman's suit in 2025.Kevin Billings ·
Superman, James Gunn, DC
Kevin Feige drops exciting X-Men tease for the MCUKevin Feige hinted at how "excited" he and Marvel Studios were about doing more with mutants inside the MCU.Kevin Billings ·
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Kevin Feige had to explain NSFW joke ahead of Deadpool and WolverineIt seems some of the mature and perverse humor from Deadpool and Wolverine went over some people's heads according to Kevin Feige.Kevin Billings ·
Kevin Feige, Deadpool and Wolverine, Marvel
James Cameron reacts to death of Titanic, Avatar producerJames Cameron paid tribute to his friend and longtime producing partner Jon Landau after the former-executive passed away from cancer.Kevin Billings ·
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Travis Kelce welcomes Patrick, Brittany Mahomes to Taylor Swift's Eras TourPatrick Mahomes and his wife joined were in attendance for Taylor Swift's final show of the Eras Tour in Amsterdam alongside Travis Kelce.Kevin Billings ·
Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Mahomes
The Batman Arkham Asylum spinoff gets disappointing updateDevelopment of the planned spinoff series for Max set within Matt Reeves' Batman universe has reportedly been stopped.Kevin Billings ·
Batman, Arkham Asylum, DC
Eddie Murphy drops disappointing truth bomb about iconic laughEddie Murphy reveals how he taught himself to stop laughing in his iconic laugh heard from his all across the 1980s.Kevin Billings ·
Eddie Murphy, Beverly Hills Cop
Despicable Me 4 director gives encouraging tease for the futureLongtime Despicable Me director and producer Chris Renaud hints conversations have already taken place about the franchise's future.Kevin Billings ·
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Deadpool and Wolverine director teases 'a lot' of cameosDeadpool and Wolverine director Shawn Levy teased fans that there will be plenty of cameos across the film's runtime to catch.Kevin Billings ·
Deadpool and Wolverine, Shawn Levy, Pyro, Sabretooth
Superman set photos offer first look at Hawkgirl, Green Lantern in actionFans get their first look at Hawkgirl and Green Lantern in action thanks to the latest set photos to emerge online from 2025's Superman.Kevin Billings ·
Superman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, DC
Chris Pratt drops truth bomb about potentially joining the DCUWhile Chris Pratt hopes for more Star-Lord in the MCU, he would more than happily reunite with James Gunn in the DCU.Kevin Billings ·
Chris Pratt, James Gunn, DC