As always, Damian Lillard's summer has been characterized by trade rumors linking him to a move away from the Portland Trail Blazers. This is regardless of the fact that Dame has always maintained his loyalty to the team. If you think about it, though, all the trade buzz isn't at all surprising considering how the Blazers haven't found much success with Lillard at the helm.

One team that Lillard unequivocally won't be joining, however, is the Boston Celtics. NBA insider Chris Haynes made this abundantly clear in a recent report — one that has apparently, caught the eye of Celtics superstar Jayson Tatum.

Lillard was on an IG Live broadcast on Thursday night when Tatum decided to confront him with this new development. JT had an eight-word reaction to Lillard's supposed unwillingness to move to Bean Town:

“Damn we get it you don’t like Boston,” Tatum wrote in his comment.

Lillard saw Tatum's comment and he too had to react to the Celtics star's jab:

“Now y’all got my boy JT on here offended,” Lillard said.

In spite of acknowledging Tatum's comments, Lillard did nothing to dispel the reports that he does not want to go to Boston. Then again, Lillard has always said that he wants to remain in Portland, so he clearly isn't indulging any of these trade rumors — at least not yet. Whatever the case might be, it's going to be a very interesting next few months for the Blazers superstar. Who knows, maybe this is the year Damian Lillard is finally traded.