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Video: The Undertaker nonchalantly says ‘Kobe’ while shooting into a trash can

The Undertaker, Kobe Bryant, Lakers

There are few more iconic names in the world of professional wrestling than The Undertaker. Recently, “The Deadman” paid homage to the late Kobe Bryant as he chucked what appeared to be a glove into a nearby garbage bin. By nonchalantly saying “Kobe” after taking the shot, the wrestling star just produced an epic moment featuring the collision of two legends in their respective sports.

Here’s a brief clip of The Undertaker doing his best Kobe impersonation:

We could watch that all day. In fact, anyone literally can now with the clip being immortalized in GIF form:

We didn’t actually see if The Undertaker made the shot, but we’d bet that he did based on his cold-as-ice reaction. After all, you don’t summon The Black Mamba if you miss the shot, right?

Saying “Kobe” when shooting is not uncommon to almost anyone and everyone who is familiar with the NBA. For most, it has become second nature to utter these words on each and every garbage shot attempt. “Kobe” is perhaps second only to “MJ” or “Jordan” when it comes to the subtle art of trash bin shooting. Then again, it would not come as an absolute shock if Bryant has already overtaken Michael Jordan in this particular field at this point.

This begs the question, though: where does “LeBron” or even “Steph” stand these days? Is this a generational thing or is this something that transcends the boundaries of age? These are the pressing questions that are brought about by amazing occasions such as this unforgettable Undertaker moment.