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HEAD COACH: Erik Spoelstra
VENUE: FTX Arena - 601 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33132
CAPACITY: 19,600
Heat Stats Per Game
T. Herro SG18433.68.318.2.4542.97.4.3985.310.8.492.5352.32.6.8720.
K. Lowry PG171733.
P. Tucker PF202027.
D. Robinson SG191929.13.810.5.3673.19.1.3370.81.4.556.5130.30.4.6250.
J. Butler SF161634.
B. Adebayo C161632.86.913.4.5160.00.1.0006.913.4.519.5165.16.6.7742.67.610.
D. Dedmon C19314.
C. Martin SF16016.
M. Strus SF12019.
G. Vincent PG16113.
M. Morris PF10018.
K. Okpala PF805.
U. Haslem C404.
Team Total1939.485.3.45111.633.5.30127.751.8.536.51517.721.8.78410.735.946.623.97.62.514.221.1108.1
Heat Stats, Total
T. Herro SG184604149328.45453133.39896195.492.5354147.8721390103671015224392
K. Lowry PG171757471173.41031104.2984069.580.5002932.906976851272065449202
P. Tucker PF202055652100.5202350.4602950.580.635911.8183681117321051751136
D. Robinson SG191955373199.36758172.3371527.556.51358.62586876281661760209
J. Butler SF1616546129245.527626.231123219.562.539119140.850266995853153227383
B. Adebayo C1616524111215.51601.000111214.519.51682106.77442121163451964752304
D. Dedmon C1932703764.57834.7503460.567.6022430.8002964938661441101
C. Martin SF1602613273.438729.2412544.568.4861119.579113344916882382
M. Strus SF1202312867.4181949.388918.500.56037.4293394294261478
G. Vincent PG1612132766.4091237.3241529.517.50068.750815232780112872
M. Morris PF1001873270.457822.3642448.500.51455.0001315281431122277
K. Okpala PF8047415.26718.12537.429.30022.00047112100411
U. Haslem C401736.50001.00035.600.50000.000145101056
Team Total197481621.451221636.301527985.536.515336415.784203682885454144472704002053

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Who Is The Best Heat Player?

Jimmy Butler. He is without a doubt Miami's best player right now, and this goes for his impact on the squad both on and off the court.

In his first year with the Heat following a summer move from the Philadelphia 76ers, Butler averaged 19.9 points, 6.7 rebounds, 6.0 assists, and 1.8 steals. This prompted a call-up to the All-Star squad -- the fifth time in Butler's career. He led the way for the Heat in what turned out to be a memorable campaign for the team, as they exceeded all expectations on their way to the Finals.

Moreover, Butler admirably filled the role of this young team's leader off the court. Once labelled as a "bad teammate" and even a "locker room cancer," the 31-year-old quashed all those misconceptions this past season as he raised the competitive spirit of the entire Heat squad to an elite level.