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Steve Nash backs up Kevin Durant for his remarkable decision

Just because he is now retired, it does not mean that Steve Nash is done assisting.  Sure, Klay Thompson texted Durant and Curry may have told him that it is irrelevant which one of them MVP so long as they get the ring, but it was Nash who gave the assist that scored.

According to Lee Jenkins, from Sports Illustrated, “several Golden State coaches and executives also acknowledge the everlasting assist of yet another legendary floor general. ‘Without Steve Nash,’ one says, ‘I’m not sure if we get Kevin Durant.’’ Jenkins continues with stating that though “Warrior’s advisor Jerry West made headlines with a phone call…Durant shared more fundamental concerns about chemistry and fit in conversations with Nash.”

Having had to share the ball with point guard Russell Westbrook, who averaged 23.8 points and been accustomed to primarily only share the ball with him, it’s no wonder Durant was concerned about fitting in with a team that had multiple players who shoot from the outside. However, Nash told reporters that he thinks Durant’s decision to leave Oklahoma “was as much a personal move for his happiness and development as it was to win.”

They say old habits are hard to kill and the player consultant for the Warriors proves the saying right. Nash may not be wearing an NBA uniform anymore, but he is still coming in clutch with the assist showing everyone why he was named the NBA’s MVP twice and will be a future Hall of Famer.

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