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NBA legend Allen Iverson with Kyrie Irving, Steve Nash, and Stephen Curry

The evolution of talent throughout league history has been insane. One thing that has grown with it is isolation plays. From Bob Cousy’s one-hand dribble, Steve Nash constantly pushing the pace to Kyrie Irving’s crossover, and Stephen Curry’s dribble to shot mechanic, players have learned to master the art of handling the ball. One person, […]

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Thunder’s Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Suns' Steve Nash (2006 version) both holding up a huge Canada flag
Jacque Vaughn of the Brooklyn Nets was reportedly not well received by Nets players.
Suns' Steve Nash hoisting the 2006 NBA MVP trophy on the left, with an on-fire Thunder Shai Gilgeous-Alexander on the right, Canada flag all over
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