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DeAndre Ayton still with Puma despite wearing Nike in Summer League

DeAndre Ayton, Suns

Phoenix Suns rookie big man DeAndre Ayton has been peculiarly wearing Nike sneakers throughout his initial stints in Summer League, raising major questions after his signing with Puma was made known prior to the NBA Draft.

Ayton has been wearing Kobe Bryant’s signature line mid-tops — some of the most popular kicks in the league — until Puma is able to come out with a shoe that fits him best.

His size 18 shoe is hardly an easy task to accommodate and one they’ll take a careful approach with tailoring to his liking.

While plenty of teams scored well in this talent-infused NBA Draft, Puma did even better, signing the No. 1 overall pick, along with second-overall selection Marvin Bagley III, Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. and Philadelphia 76ers guard Zhaire Smith.

Out of the four, only a chosen few will be in line for a signature line down the road, depending on their success in the league, but for now, it will be some Nikes on his feet until Puma can get that fit right for the big man.

It is a new era in the shoe company word. It isn’t just Nike or Adidas getting all the cool kids each NBA Draft, with Puma now trying to emerge has a major player.