With the NBA trade deadline approaching, a few players are said to be on the verge of being bought out. Robin Lopez, a member of the Orlando Magic, is one of those players.

Given that a few contending teams will be seeking for a center and a big-bodied player, he will almost certainly be picked up by one of them. Let's look at three teams that may profit from acquiring Lopez via trade or buyout.

While all of these deals may be difficult, some competing clubs will overspend and will be forced to give back a portion of their package owing to the players' salaries. Not all of these moves are plausible, but competing clubs will try everything possible to improve, which might lead to some unusual deals, as we have seen in the past. In a rebuilding situation, teams will try to transfer certain important players for less than they are worth.

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Robin Lopez

3. Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks are playing like one of the top teams in basketball this season, and there's an argument to be made that if Brook Lopez returns, they'll be a team that returns to the NBA finals. It's difficult to picture anyone defeating the Bucks in the Eastern Conference if they can keep playing at this level, especially if Giannis can keep playing at this level.

The most obvious thing Milwaukee is lacking this season is a center. They would possibly have the best record in the NBA if they had been healthy this season, but it isn't a big problem for them because Robin's brother is, Brook Lopez, is anticipated to return for the playoffs and are still the Eastern Conference's second seed.

If Milwaukee wants to make the most of the regular season so that Brook Lopez can return completely healthy and Giannis doesn't have to play an excessive number of minutes before the playoffs, they'll need to get a center who can provide them with serviceable minutes.

Robin Lopez has already played for the Bucks, so there's a good chance they'll reunite. Milwaukee may try to get Lopez's teammate, Mo Bamba, but if they don't, Robin isn't a bad alternative for this squad and can contribute in a variety of ways.

This may not be exactly what the Milwaukee Bucks are looking for, but if he is bought out, he may be someone they can acquire on a cheap deal who is more than capable of helping them. Milwaukee doesn't need a replacement for Brook Lopez, but they do need someone who can step in for him and just give the Bucks a few minutes each night.

2.  Bulls

While Lopez isn't the best rim protector in the NBA, he is still a big body who can potentially help his team use different defensive schemes against someone like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Joel Embiid, two players who they will undoubtedly face in meaningful games come playoff time.

If they go out and make the right moves, Chicago has a decent chance of winning an NBA title. If they don't go out and grab a center or a forward who can at least make it difficult for some of the top players in the Eastern Conference, Chicago isn't going to have the success that they want in the playoffs. Nikola Vucevic hasn't looked good guarding the rim this season, and it appears as though other teams that go up against him can score at will. Lopez could be exactly what they need to try to defend the rim due to his height.

If there's a weak spot on the Chicago Bulls, it is unquestionably on defense around the rim. They can essentially kiss their title chances goodbye if they don't protect the rim at a high level in the playoffs.

He isn't a household name or someone that Bulls fans might be interested in, but if they can acquire him on a cheap deal without having to trade any of their core assets to make other moves, it's something they might consider.

1. Sixers

This is an intriguing scenario for the Sixers, but only if they trade Ben Simmons to the Brooklyn Nets, because the Nets are said to be interested in getting Andre Drummond as part of the deal.

In a similar position to the Bulls, Philadelphia relies on Joel Embiid to guard Giannis, which could harm them come playoff time because he'll have to use a lot more energy on the defensive side of the court. When you can bring in as many big guys as possible, it opens up a variety of defensive tactics that you can use against the Milwaukee Bucks, as we've seen teams like the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors do.

Lopez wouldn't be better than Drummond, but he isn't a bad option if they do need another center if Drummond is part of the Harden deal.