Julian Fadullon

Julian Fadullon is an editorial writer, script editor, and video editor for ClutchPoints, primarily covering the NBA and NFL.

Russell Westbrook’s wife Nina EarlJulian Fadullon ·
Russell Westbrook and Nina Earl surrounded by hearts.
Luka Doncic’s fiancée Anamaria GoltesJulian Fadullon ·
Luka Doncic and his fiancée Anamarie Goltes.
Updating and Ranking The 50 Greatest NFL Players of all timeJulian Fadullon ·
Greatest NFL Players of All Time, Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Lawrence Taylor, Joe Montana
Trevor Lawrence’s wife Marissa LawrenceJulian Fadullon ·
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3 best moves by the New York Giants in the 2021 NFL DraftJulian Fadullon ·
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Bojan Bogdanovic beats Donovan Mitchell to epic Jazz record never done beforeJulian Fadullon ·
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