DRX’s Worlds Championship skin are finally revealed and here’s more information on the upcoming limited edition skins. 

DRX’s miraculous run at Worlds 2022 was one of the best runs of Worlds in League of Legends professional scene history. A lot of League fans are dying to wait for the release of the limited time skins to commemorate DRX’s historical run. More players who wants to enter the professional scene would be more motivated now to try and replicate DRX’s underdog win. Even though most of the DRX 2022 Champions have left the organization, the skins will still remind people of their win, forever immortalized.

Besides the skins, there will be other special cosmetics added to the release. The most notable would be the Prestige skin that Kingen would have for being the MVP of the entire tournament for DRX. 

The six champions getting DRX’s Worlds 2022 skins are as follows:

  • Aatrox – Kingen
  • Kindred – Pyosik
  • Maokai – Juhan
  • Akali – Zeka
  • Caitlyn – Deft
  • Ashe – BeryL

These champion picks were very crucial in partaking in DRX’s miracle run of 2022 from LCK towards Worlds. The most notable pick would be BeryL’s Ashe as this was the patch that Ashe was meta for the Support Role, which BeryL highly played during the run. 

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Since Kingen was the MVP of the entire tournament, Aatrox will have the Prestige skin awarded to him. In total, there will be seven new skins to be added in the shop up for grabs.

The skins are already live on the PBE server for Patch 13.11, the projected release of the skins would be May 24, 2023 for League of Legends.

Of course, every Worlds skin has the player’s signature as well as the logo of their team incorporated in the effects of the skins. DRX skins are not an exception to this tradition, however this year’s skins don’t show it for a long time but players would get a glimpse of it during recall.

To get a look of all the DRX Worlds 2022 skins in action, here’s a preview from the PBE to showcase all the effects that each skin has:

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