If you’re new to Brawl Stars, you may be wondering which brawlers in the game work the best. But reading an entire tier list can also be draining, especially if you just want to see how certain brawlers perform. So to make it shorter, here’s a Brawl Stars Mythic Brawlers Tier List.

Brawl Stars Mythic Brawlers Tier List

Let's take a loot at all the brawlers in the Mythic Rarity in this Brawl Stars Mythic Brawlers Tier List.

Tara – Tara is arguably the best brawler in Brawl Stars. She has good range, but can also do a lot of damage up close. Her attacks pierce through enemies, and her Super is clutch. Enemy team has all the gems? Your Super can wipe them all out if they're bunched together. Your opponent has the ball in brawl ball and is close to scoring? Her Super can take them away from the ball and wipe them out.

Tara's Support from Beyond Gadget is an instant win button in Heist if you manage to reach the safe in one piece. Her shadows, along with Tara's attack, can win a Heist match in a matter of seconds. Both of her star powers summon a shadow as well, which can either heal her + her teammates, or attack the enemy. Both are incredibly useful and you can't go wrong with either.

Writing about how good Tara is could take so long we could publish a book about it. But we figure you get the message at this point. She's the best of all Mythic Brawlers right now, hands down.

A Tier

Gray – A brawler with good range who can teleport across the map via Super. Gray is also clutch for many game modes. He can get open right away in Brawl Ball, teleport to the gem grabber, or he can snag some power cubes in showdown, the list is endless. He's also great at chasing weak enemies because of his teleport. His Walking Cane Gadget can pull enemies towards him even through walls so he can get the finishing shot.

We also recommend his New Perspective Star Power, which heals him and his teammates every time they enter his portal. Overall, Gray's makes for one of the best teammates in the game.

Sprout – Mandy may have the longest range in the game with her Super, but before her appearance, Sprout dominated the range-game. His ranged attack flies over walls and bounces on them. If used correctly, Sprout's main attack can bounce from one of the map to the other, making your enemies wonder how you got them. He deals good damage for a ranged brawler, and his Super is amazing.

He throws a destructible hedge (wall) that can serve so many purposes. Whether you're escaping from enemies, giving your teammate extra cover, or blocking the goal in Brawl ball, it's too useful to ignore. Sprout's Transplant gadget destroys your current wall and gives you a new one. So you can basically keep yourself covered the whole game if you know when to time your gadget correctly.

Squeak –  Squeak used to be one the weaker brawlers in the game, but updates have made him a lot more viable. Not only is he adorable, but he packs a punch too. His ranged attack covers a pretty wide area before exploding, causing damage to everyone inside. Since it takes time for his bombs to explode, opponents will feel pressured not to walk through. This gives you the chance to gain map dominance and keep your enemies at bay.

We recommend his Super Sticky Star Power, as it'll slow enemies down who make contact with his super. Residue is a great gadget for seeing inside bushes while also slowing enemies down, however it recently had its time reduced to eight seconds (previously 10). Additionally, Squeak's Chain Reaction Star Power also received a 5% nerf. Overall, the blob-like bomber slipped down a bit for Season 20.

B Tier

Max – Max is the only brawler in the game with 4 ammo (except if Brock has his Rocket No. 4 star power). She's fast, deals good damage, and can be difficult to aim at. Max can either reload faster (Run N Gun) or charge her super (Super Charged) just by walking, which you usually do 24/7 during a match. Her Super gives a speed boost to all teammates and herself.

Max's Super is great for any game mode whether you're trying snag some gems, score a goal, or push to the Heist safe. She's a great brawler for new players too, as she's vey easy to get used to.

Gene – Gene's range is great for charging his Super, which is his specialty. With his super he can pull enemies from the other side of the map. This is very useful in a lot of modes like Gem Grab, Knockout, Brawl Ball, and Showdown. While his main attack is weak, he's great at constantly hitting enemies, preventing them from healing.

Meanwhile, Gene can heal his own teammates with his Magic Puffs Star Power. He also has a useful gadget for pushing away close-range enemies with his Lamp Blowout Gadget. Overall, he works best a support brawler.

Willow – When Willow first came out, many were excited to see her super (Hex), which lets her control enemies. While it works in some situations, it almost always works against her. Hex heals enemies completely. If the opponent can just stay away from the Hexed teammate for a few seconds, they'll get a shiny new teammate with full health.

Willow, meanwhile, will be alone, unable to move, and open to attack. Her main attack is good though, as it deals damage over time, and keeps enemies from healing. We recommend her Love Is Blind Star Power, where you can reduce enemy reload speeds by 25%. Both of her gadgets are okay, as they can both maybe get you out of a pinch, if need be.

However, Willow received multiple buffs since June, including buffs to her HP, Super Range, and a 25% shield while controlling an enemy.

C Tier

Mortis – Mortis is one of the most fun brawlers to play with. A lot of people love playing as him, despite many don't quite know how to. The problem with Mortis is that he needs to make actual contact to strike an enemy. Most other close range brawlers can take him down quickly, so long as he doesn't have his Super. This means most Mortis players are either too aggressive or too passive, usually never in between.

However, Mortis has great Star Powers and gadgets. His Creepy Harvest Star Power restores HP if he takes down an enemy, while his Survival Shovel Gadget increases his reload speed. We also like the Combo Spinner gadget, which is great if you need to add a little extra damage to your attacks.

Additionally, Mortis' long dash now charges regardless of his ammo. So even if you're low on ammo, our vampiric shovel-slasher gets to charge one of his most important moves throughout the whole match.

Mr. P – Mr. P has been nerfed 10 times and only buffed 5 times since he released in 2020. While recent balance changes have been more favorable towards him, he's still got some issues to fix. It is nice that his attack can hit enemies twice, but he's only as good as his Super allows him.

Mr. P places a turret that spawns little porters that chase and damage enemies. He can either buff them (Service Bell) or spawn an extra porter (Porter Reinforcements). His star powers can either increase his main attack (Handle With Care) or his porter's stats (Revolving Door). But the problem with Mr. P is that if his porter is destroyed, he's not really that useful. He's not a threat if he doesn't have some backup.

Doug – Doug is similar to Jacky, who just so happens to be one of the worst brawlers in the meta. Doug is one of those brawlers who deals more damage the closer he is. But with so many brawlers having jump, stun, slow, or knock-back abilities, it's difficult for him to get up close and personal. He's able to heal teammates, which is always nice, but his healing isn't that effective right now.

We recommend using his Extra Mustard gadget, since the extra damage may be what you need to defeat the enemy. But as of right now, we recommend waiting to unlock Doug until Supercell gets a chance to rework him.

Byron – Rounding out our Brawl Stars Mythic Tier List is Byron, who has been nerfed into irrelevancy. While he has great range, his reload speed is slow, and he can't get his shots off as fast as he used to. As a healer, Byron is decent, but you're forced to decide whether to heal your teammates or attack enemies. Look at Poco, who can heal and attack at the same time (via Da Capo Star power). Then, look at Pam, who can also do the same (Mama's Hug) while also placing a healing turret.

Byron can heal teammates or damage enemies with his Super, which does do a good amount of damage. However, once again you're forced to decide which will be better off for your team. He's not the worst brawler, but as a healer he's not the greatest. At the very least, he only needs three shots to charge his super instead of 4. This buff helps get him out of the D tier and into C. However, he remains the worst of the Mythic Brawlers right now.

That wraps it up for the Brawl Stars Mythic Brawlers Tier List. Check out our Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Chromatic Brawler Tier lists if you're interested in those too.

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