The 5 funniest things tweeted live during Cavs-Warriors On Christmas Day
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5 funniest tweets about the Cavaliers and Warriors Christmas game

LeBron James, Draymond Green

The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers had a classic Christmas Day game for the ages, going all the way down to the wire. Of course, the Warriors won it 99-92, and this didn’t sit well with Cavaliers fans.

The Warriors defeated the Cavaliers with brilliant performances from Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. Kevin Love and LeBron James played well for the Cavaliers, but they came up short in a controversial ending. These two teams have become bitter enemies throughout the last few years, and multiple fans took to Twitter to praise the Warriors’ hard-fought win and complain about the Cavaliers’ scandalous loss.

All in all, there are many hilarious tweets shared between the fan bases of the two title contenders. But, here are five of the funniest tweets about the Cavaliers and Warriors Christmas day game.

5. Warriors trolls hate Cavaliers fans

During the Christmas Day matchup, Draymond Green trolled LeBron James by wearing some custom Arthur-sneakers. Green is one of the most outspoken players on the Golden State Warriors, and he definitely has it out for LeBron James since both of their teams met in the last three NBA Finals.

This image doesn’t appear to be photo-shopped, so it’s hilarious seeing Draymond Green in a Santa Claus suit. The caption is even funnier since the Warriors beat the Cavaliers during the final stretch of their highly anticipated Christmas Day game.

The Warriors have beaten the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals 4-1, and they won the Christmas game without their star point guard, Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry

Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

With this win, the Warriors have also captured the 1st seed in the Western Conference. As such, Golden State fans have to be thrilled at this point.Cavaliers fans are probably rolling their eyes at this post, but even they have to admit that this post is funny and accurate.

On a serious note, these two teams meet again in January in Cleveland, where the Cavaliers will have a shot at redemption. If they lose again, this tweet will become even funnier, and painful for Cavaliers fans everywhere.

4. Props to Oracle Arena

Wow. Isn’t this bizarre?

I’m not sure if this is Evan Turner’s actual Twitter account, but who cares. It is true that the Oracle Arena is one of the most vibrant stadiums in the NBA. With that being the case, it sounds like Turner is jealous. If this is the real Evan Turner, then there are a few questions that need to be answered.

Why would Turner compliment a rival team in this manner?

He is entitled to say whatever he wants, but he is speaking as if he wants to play for the Warriors.

evan turner

Jennifer Stewart/USA TODAY Sports

Second, do his teammates know that he posted this?

If so, he could be in big trouble.

The Warriors swept the Portland Trail Blazers in the playoffs last year, so you would think that there would be bad blood between the two teams.

Apparently, Evan Turner seems to be cool with the Warriors, especially since he watches their games. Maybe this isn’t Evan Turner, after all. Whether he is the real deal or not, this tweet is hysterical.

3. Delusional fan

This is probably the dumbest tweet on the Internet. That’s what makes it so comical.

Let’s get one thing understood; Curry is a solid defender.

This user tries to imply that Curry is a terrible defender and he is not. He simply gets a bad break because he was supposed to guard one of the most explosive guards in the NBA, a.k.a, Kyrie Irving.

kyrie irving

Kelley L Cox/USA TODAY Sports

No guard in the NBA can contain Irving, not even Curry. This is where Curry gets a bad reputation as a bad defender, which he is not. Also, this fan clearly ignores that Isaiah Thomas is a worse defender the Curry. He basically is trying to point out that with Thomas on the floor, he can drive into the paint on Curry and create open looks for Korver. This can be true, but the Warriors’ tight defense on Korver is why he has struggled. It’s not because of anything else.

Thomas is one of the worst defenders in the NBA, so his point already has no basis. This tweet is definitely laughable from an initial glance, and it is one of the funniest tweets from a Cavaliers fan who is clearly searching for answers of how to beat the Warriors.

2. The Warriors can win without Curry

This tweet is both funny and true. The Warriors simply have too much depth to become hindered by the loss of one star player, even if that player in Stephen Curry. You have to like it how this fan tries to throw shade at the Houston Rockets for losing three straight games without Chris Paul.

It worked, and the Warriors now are the best team in the NBA. It’s a bit of dark humor to mention that the Warriors can annihilate teams without their star point guard while being even more deadly when he eventually returns. The Cavaliers could have easily won the game if not for the bad officiating down the stretch, but instead, Cavaliers fans have to endure trolls like these.

The Cavaliers couldn’t beat the Warriors without Curry. Today’s game came close to proving that narrative wrong, but the Warriors won, and now all of their fans have to victimize everyone else on Twitter and gloat about it. These so-called Warriors fans are hilarious.

kevin durant, lebron james

Noah Graham/Getty Images

1. LeBron James is a cry baby

This is interesting. This actually sounds like one of the many hateful comments on YouTube. LeBron got fouled in the final minutes of the game, so there should be no argument on that. This fan still tries to use the age-old debate that James is a whining cry baby who tries to get every call.

Sometimes this is true. LeBron whines to the referees a lot because his body gets punished every game. Still, a foul is a foul. I like it how this person suggests that LeBron should have been called with an offensive foul.

Seriously? That doesn’t make sense, but this person says he’s not a Warriors fan so let’s leave him be.

At any rate, all of these funny tweets show just how competitive the NBA can be, even when you’re not playing the sport.