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Derick Quinanola

NBA, NFL, Boxing
Cebu City, Philippines
University of San Carlos
Past Work:
The Farm SoHo, EcomCrew
With a proficient background in basketball, NFL, and football, Derick Quinanola uses his knowledge to write blogs for readers that are both entertaining and informative. He has been writing with ClutchPoints for years and has developed an understanding of the type of content fans resonate with.

Articles By Derick Quinanola

Wilt Chamberlain with a bunch of the big eyes emojis around him

There have been a lot of conspiracies around the life of Wilt Chamberlain. Some say his 100-point game never happened since there was never any footage, while others say he slept with over 20,000 women. A lesser-known chapter of his journey reveals a story that nearly prevented him from achieving numerous NBA records. From a […]

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Kobe Bryant on one side with a bunch of angry emojis around him, Samaki Walker on the other side with a speech bubble that says "Ouch!"
Charles Barkley with a bunch of question marks around him. Charles Barkley drunk game
Photo: DJ Moore in Bears jersey with Disneyworld as the background
Photo: Mark Moseley in Redskins jersey, NFL logo in background