Hasbro through Wizards of the Coast is selling the Warhammer 40K Collector’s Edition MtG Commander Decks for $550 for a complete set of four 100-card decks, all-foiled out. The cards are presented in the unique “Universes Beyond” card frame and the series-first surge foil treatment. However, early reviewers and previews of the cards tell us that we probably should keep our money in our wallets and not purchase the Warhammer 40K Collector’s Edition MtG Decks.

Instead, we probably should just buy the regular Warhammer 40K MtG Commander Decks which retail for about $200 for a set of four decks. These non-foiled-out decks come with cards that are not subjected to the cruelties of curling, something that has happened to the cards in the supposedly-premium version of the product.

Indeed, even with the new and supposedly better surge foil treatment, foiling is still a problem for the Magic the Gathering products. Many Secret Lair products before have disappointed fans who waited months and spent hundreds of dollars for their premium product, with fans coining the term “pringles” to describe just how curled the cards are. The Warhammer 40K Collector’s Edition Commander Decks continue to let players down.

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While the product isn’t due to come out yet until October 7, content creators gifted by Wizards of the Coast with preview copies of the product like Geek Culture Gaming have already demonstrated the cards’ curling. Since the entire deck is composed of foil cards, the entire deck is affected. Bringing the cards out of the box and placing them on a flat surface will immediately reveal the curling, and your pringled products, while foil and expensive, will find a hard place to play in. The cards may be considered too bent by play groups and judges to allow action.

It’s disappointing that this supposedly premium product has once again turned into a bad product. If you have already pre-ordered the product, then at least you can already temper your expectations, knowing that there’s a possibility that your product will arrive ruined. Meanwhile, if you haven’t pre-ordered yet, then you now know which version of the decks you should get. Avoid getting pringles cards and get the regular product instead of the foiled-out version of the Universes Beyond Warhammer 40K Collector’s Edition Magic the Gathering Commander Decks.