It's safe to say that Jeff Van Gundy won't be coaching the Indiana Pacers any time soon.

Pacers president of basketball operations Larry Bird was widely criticized for his argument of why he fired head coach Frank Vogel. One of those arguments was that players start to tune out a coach's voice after about three years.

The former Houston Rockets coach commented on the absurdity of those claims, via Nate Taylor of the Indy Star:

“The rationale, to me, is absurd, this notion that after three years every great coach gets turned over.”

Vogel spent six years with Indiana, coaching them to two conference finals in 2013 and 2014. However, they were unable to come close to re-capturing that success over the past two years.

Van Gundy continued to argue in Vogel's case, asking the Pacers president if he would want to work as a coach for somebody like Bird the general manager:

“I would ask the question would Larry Bird the coach want to work for Larry Bird the general manager?” Van Gundy said. “Maybe he would. I think about that all the time with coaches who move into the front office.”

Although Vogel was fired a week ago, Bird stated on Thursday that the Pacers haven't begun their coaching search yet.

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