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Kentucky Derby party habit rules

Kentucky Derby

For many members of the human species, the Kentucky Derby is an excuse to relax, kick the shoes off and drink all the beer a normal body could handle. Oh, there’s also horse racing involved, but that’s mostly neither here nor there.

Unfortunately, with everything happening in the world with the pandemic, partying hard becomes a bit more difficult, even if the Kentucky Derby is here to help offset everyday worries. Luckily, though, some people are creative enough to have figured out ways for people who want to watch the spectacle, while living it up, to get by.

According to a news story in Lexington, Kentucky, die-hard fans and casuals alike are attempting to figure out the best way to handle the spectacle — opting to drop fancy drinks and hats for regular beer and face masks.

“It’s a little bit like having Christmas in the middle of summer,” Georgie Sook, a native Kentuckian, said.

Sook said that in regard to fans watching the Derby’s eve events at the KSBar and Grille on Friday.

Anyway, our recommendation is rather easy: Be safe. If going in public, wear a mask. Drink all the beer if you’re of age, but don’t drive. Whatever you do, don’t smooch anyone outside your age range. Also, stay away from Aunt Betsy — you know she’s trouble when three cocktails deep and the Kentucky Derby is on.