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After a promising first quarter, the Lakers proceeded to lose to the Denver Nuggets in Game 1 because of two members of the team.

When the first quarter ended and the Los Angeles Lakers had a 33-25 lead over the Denver Nuggets, it seemed as if Los Angeles finally had enough to fend off the defending NBA Champions. In the previous games played, It appeared as if the Lakers didn’t have an answer for Nikola Jokić and a Denver […]

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Darvin Ham with a speech bubble that says "Y'all are insane!"
LeBron James with grey beard and hair, while holding a calendar
Darvin Ham and Rui Hachimura with a bunch of question marks in the background
Gabe Vincent got an update on his Lakers return.
Darvin Ham, Lakers, LeBron James, kings, Lakers coach
Lakers coach Darvin Ham on the left, Nets Dennis Schroder in the center yelling in the direction of Lakers D'Angelo Russell on right.
Lakers star LeBron James, head coach Darvin Ham
Lakers' Darvin Ham as Patrick in the image above, with Jeanie Buss and LeBron James looking at Ham
Lakers star LeBron James, head coach Darvin Ham
Lakers' F LeBron James got a hilarious take from Agent Zero.
Darvin Ham, Lakers, Suns, LeBron James, Lakers coach
Lakers coach Darvin Ham looking at LeBron James and Warriors star Stephen Curry looking.
Darvin Ham, Los Angeles Lakers
Lakers LeBron James, Anthony Davis teammate and Darvin Ham mentee Spencer Dinwiddie
Darvin Ham, Brisket, Spencer Dinwiddie, Los Angeles Lakers
Lakers' LeBron James, Lakers' D’Angelo Russell, Lakers' Austin Reaves, and Lakers' Taurean Prince all in background. In front, place Lakers' Darvin Ham.
Lakers head coach Darvin Ham in front of Crypto.com Arena
Lakers coach Darvin Ham holding a clipboard
Lakers Darvin Ham, D'Angelo Russell, and Austin Reaves after Celtics win
Los Angeles Lakers head coach Darvin Ham and stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis in front of Crypto.com Arena.