The Bachelorette premiere is just around the corner with Charity Lawson, from Zach Shallcross' season of The Bachelor, as the star. In her meet and greet premiere episode, she brings on a special guest: her brother Nehemiah. He claims he's assessing potential suitors for his younger sister.

Nehemiah went undercover for the night to protect his sister. “Because I’m the older brother, I’m on the lookout,” Nehemiah said in an exclusive clip obtained by People. “I have a plan. It involves a disguise.”

His disguise is a bartender named Charles. For the role, Nehemiah wears a curly black wig, mustache, and fedora to mask his identity. Why does he do all this? For his sister: “I will come put these guys in their place because men can be dogs.”

But despite the disguise, his plans are thwarted by a suitor who recognizes him. “Why do I feel…?” Joey said, “I feel like I recognize you.”

Nehemiah eventually comes clean about his identity and gathers all the men in one room. “Gentlemen, can I have your attention for a second?” Nehemiah said. “Well, I’ve been serving you guys drinks all night and listening to your conversations. You guys know me as Charles. I am Nehemiah, Charity’s older brother.”

“I knew I recognized you!” Joey said.

“Holy s**t! I talked to that man, what the hell did I say?” John B said.

With the men in the know about his identity, he reveals in a confessional: “It’s time to go tell my sister what’s been going on. She might be really upset.”

Charity Lawson's season of The Bachelorette premieres on July 26.