2011 World Cup winner Gautam Gambhir hailed the re-appointment of Rahul Dravid as the head coach of Team India after the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) confirmed the “good” news.

“It's a good thing because the T20 World Cup is around the corner and you don't want to change the entire support staff, and it is good that Rahul has accepted it. Hopefully, we can continue to dominate and play good cricket, what India has done for a long period of time. The T20 format is different and challenging and hopefully, Rahul and the support staff can deliver. Congratulations to them,” Gautam Gambhir said in a conversation with news agency ANI. 

Former BCCI chief and Rahul Dravid's India teammate Sourav Ganguly also expressed his happiness on his re-appointment.

“I'm not surprised that they have shown faith in Dravid. When I was president of the Board, we convinced him to do this job. And I'm so happy to see yesterday that his tenure has been extended,” Sourav Ganguly said in Kolkata.

“It was always the case, depending on whether he wanted it or not. I wish him luck for another World Cup in June. He was very close this time. They may not have won it, but they probably were the best team in the competition with the way they played. So he's got another seven months for a World Cup in the West Indies. Hopefully, at that time, he will not be runners-up, but a champion,” Sourav Ganguly elaborated.

Rahul Dravid's first coaching stint with Team India ended after the 2023 Cricket World Cup final, which Rohit Sharma and his men lost to the Pat Cummins-led Australian side in Ahmedabad almost two weeks ago.


Though Rahul Dravid failed to end India's World Cup drought, many former cricketers lauded his work with Rohit Sharma and Co. and demanded his reinstatement as head coach.


2011 World Cup winner Gautam Gambhir acknowledged that Rahul Dravid's presence in the dressing room had made the current Team India players far more confident and aggressive on the field.


Besides, he opined that India needed continuity in its coaching set-up, especially when the T20 World Cup was around the corner.


Earlier, the BCCI made the unanimous decision to re-appoint the former India skipper as the head coach of the national team.


“The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announces the extension of contracts for Head Coach Mr. Rahul Dravid and the Support Staff of Team India (Senior Men). The BCCI engaged in productive discussions with Mr. Rahul Dravid after the term of his contract ended following the recently concluded ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 and unanimously agreed to further the tenure,” the BCCI said in a statement.


“The Board acknowledges Mr. Dravid's instrumental role in moulding the Indian Team and commends his exceptional professionalism. The Board also appreciates Mr. VVS Laxman for his exemplary roles as Head of NCA and as the stand-in Head Coach. Similar to their legendary on-field partnerships, Mr. Dravid and Mr. Laxman have worked closely in driving Indian Cricket forward,” the Indian Cricket Board added. 


The BCCI top brass, including board president Roger Binny and secretary Jay Shah, confirmed the decision.


“Mr. Rahul Dravid's vision, professionalism, and unyielding efforts have been important pillars in Team India's success. As Head Coach of the Indian Cricket Team, you are always under immense scrutiny and I extend appreciation to him not only for embracing the challenges but for thriving in them. The performances of the Indian Team are a testament to his strategic guidance. I am delighted that he accepted the offer to remain the Head Coach, and it speaks of the mutual respect and shared vision between him and the BCCI. I have no doubt that under him, the team will continue its march to the pinnacle of success and set new benchmarks along the way,” Roger Binny noted.


“I had mentioned that there is no better person than Rahul Dravid to take over the role of Head Coach at the time of his appointment, and Mr. Dravid has proven himself again with his unparalleled commitment to excellence. Team India is now a formidable unit across formats, and our top ranking in all three formats directly reflects his vision, guidance, and the roadmap he charted for the team. Having won 10 consecutive games before the final, our World Cup campaign was nothing short of extraordinary, and the Head Coach deserves appreciation for setting up the right platform for the team to flourish. The Head Coach has our full backing, and we will provide him with all the support needed for sustained success at the international level,” BCCI secretary Jay Shah pointed out.


Rahul Dravid reacted to the development by thanking the BCCI for giving him a second opportunity to coach the Indian cricket team.


“The last two years with Team India have been thoroughly memorable. Together, we have witnessed the highs and lows, and throughout this journey, the support and camaraderie within the group have been phenomenal. I am genuinely proud of the culture we have set in the dressing room. It's a culture that stands resilient, whether in moments of triumph or adversity. The skills and talent that our team possesses are phenomenal, and what we've stressed is following the right process and sticking to our preparations, which has had a direct impact on the overall result,” Rahul Dravid underlined.


“I thank the BCCI and the Office Bearers for placing their trust in me, endorsing my vision, and providing support during this period. The demands of this role necessitate considerable time away from home, and I deeply appreciate my family's sacrifices and support. Their instrumental role behind the scenes has been invaluable. As we embrace new challenges post the World Cup, we remain committed to the pursuit of excellence,” he elaborated.

Earlier, a BCCI source told the media that board secretary Jay Shah was optimistic about convincing Rahul Dravid to extend his tenure with the Indian Cricket Team.

“The BCCI secretary Jay Shah has had discussions with Dravid during last week. Obviously, the fine print of the new contract are yet to be worked out. But the BCCI wants Dravid to go to South Africa with the Test team. The contract will be worked out but the Test series is important and even if he doesn't go for the T20I series in SA, he can join (the team) from the ODIs,” the source said in a conversation with an Indian publication.

But hours after Rahul Dravid was re-appointed as the Rohit Sharma-led Team India's head coach, a fresh twist emerged in the whole saga on Thursday.


Interestingly, the BCCI announcement regarding a contract extension for Rahul Dravid did not mention the details about the tenure of his second stint as head coach of the national team.


When reporters asked him about the same in New Delhi, Rahul Dravid dropped a bombshell, telling them that he's yet to sign the contract.

“Nothing's out officially. I haven't signed anything as yet so once I get the papers, we will discuss it. And maybe then you can,” the batting stalwart said. 

While the BCCI has yet to inform the public about the exact nature of Rahul Dravid's contract, the expectations are that the 50-year-old will stay with the Indian Cricket Team till the T20 World Cup.


The West Indies and the United States (US) will host the next T20 World Cup in June 2024.

Rahul Dravid’s first assignment in his second term as the head coach of the Indian cricket team will be in South Africa in December.

Team India will play two Test matches, three ODIs, and an equal number of T20Is against the Proteas.