Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the moment you have all been waiting for. It’s THE RETURN of your favorite wrestling duo. Formerly known as the Mustache Bros, Dante Turo and John Eccles are back with their NEW ClutchPoints wrestling channel: Stache Club Wrestling.

They’re back with better-than-ever content, including challenging themselves with wrestling quizzes, predicting events, hosting live streams, and talking about the latest things in wrestling on their podcast. The best part? They listen to their fans! Email for a chance that your quiz will be chosen for a future SCW video!

As excited as the fans may be, Dante and John are equally as excited to rejoin the wrestling YouTube community. Being a part of that community and growing such a large fan base is something that Dante and John cherished the most about MBW, and they are very excited to bring that back with Stache Club Wrestling.

Join hosts Dante and John by becoming a member of the STACHE CLUB! Subscribe to their YouTube channel for weekly quizzes, predictions, and reactions, and listen to their weekly podcast every Thursday! SUBSCRIBE to Stache Club Wrestling.

“We’re back,” – Dante & John.

Get hyped.