No one knew what to make of Coby White when he was about to enter the league. With the seventh pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, the Chicago Bulls selected him right out of the University of North Carolina, to one of their guards. There were some doubts about how he would fit next to Zach LaVine at that time.

Bulls, Coby White

Suffice to say, White’s first half of his rookie season was nothing to write home about. He was averaging 13.2 points 2.7 assists, and 3.5 rebounds in 25 minutes per game It was only after the All-Star break when he started to show what kind of player he can be for Chicago. 

Before the season ended because of Covid-19, White was torching opposing squads by scoring 24.7 points in 33.7 minutes per contest. His success from beyond the arc also rose to 40.7% during that stretch of games in February and March. It was during that time when the world had a glimpse of Coby White and what he can do on the court.

That’s why a lot of fans have turned to White’s cards during the past few months. With the recent hiring of Billy Donovan and his new role as the Bulls’ starting point guard, things are now looking up for Coby. With that in mind, here are three excellent reasons that will convince you to invest in his cards.

Coby White’s an offensive bomb waiting to explode

When White catches fire, you can be sure it’s going to be an inferno waiting for the opposing squad. The former North Carolina Tar Heel isn’t exactly shy when making buckets at a high volume. In this season alone, White scored a career-high 36 points without even turning the ball over in 40 minutes. 

Although the Chicago Bulls lost to the Sacramento Kings during that particular game, it served as a testament to White’s improvement on the offensive side of the game. 

This moment also shows that he’s not afraid of the bright lights. In fact, when the chips are down and Chicago is in need of someone to step up during the big moments, fans can expect the second-year point guard to rise up to the occasion. White’s offensive game will be the spark that will ignite his cards at some point during this season. His style of play and combustibility will only help his value.

His playmaking skills will make his team better

When you have the ability to score, you can expect your opponents to zero-in on you. Right now, opposing teams are using that strategy on Zach LaVine. Even if that’s the case, Coby White’s offensive ability isn’t something that can easily be ignored.

Coby White, Bulls

Opposing defenses are starting to respect the sophomore's offensive game, especially now that he's a full-fledged starter in this league. This opens up White’s ability to create plays for his teammates during a game. In this season alone, he is averaging almost six assists per game. Couple that stat with his flourishing ability to score and you’ve got a backcourt that will create problems for opponents. 

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see White dish out double-digit dimes sometime soon. If this happens on a consistent basis, his card value will certainly soar up. It’s best to get him now before he goes off in that aspect of the game.


White is the best piece for the Bulls have right now

Let’s look at the Chicago Bulls’ potential future for a bit. It’s no secret that Zach LaVine is getting frustrated with his team continuously losing. Lauri Markkanen wasn’t offered an extension, which makes him a restricted free agent after this season. Wendell Carter Jr. hasn’t exactly lived up to his potential while Patrick Williams still remains an enigma.

Bulls, Coby White, Zach laVine

That leaves Coby White as Chicago’s best young talent to build upon. He’s a lock for the following seasons with Billy Donovan overseeing his development. The Bulls can eventually trade LaVine down the road to suround White with players that complement his strengths and hide his weaknesses. LaVine's value is sky-high right now, but some insiders believe both he and the Bulls might be better served with a change.

Sure, the Chicago Bulls won’t conquer the East anytime soon. There’s still Giannis in Milwaukee, a new superteam in Brooklyn, and the Celtics reigning in this conference. But if you look at the moves Chicago has made recently, starting with getting Donovan as their head coach, this can be the start of a new era of Bulls basketball that will bring excitement back to the Windy City.

With that possibility, you need to check out Coby White cards in the market right now. The opportunity is there for him as a featured piece on a young team, whether on not Zach LaVine stays or goes. They’re not as high as those of Zion Williamson or Ja Morant but the potential to increase is there. Better invest in this White’s cards now before it’s too late.