With their television contract with Fox Sports expiring, the Los Angeles Clippers continue to search for non-traditional means of showing their games to their fan-base. The Clippers and Fox have gone back-and-forth in negotiations, with the team declining a $60 million annual offer that was then lowered in February.

According to Dan Woike of the Orange County Register:

“The Clippers continue to explore ways of broadcasting games in non-traditional means, and, according to a source, they’ll be commissioning a study for a new ‘digital video service' that would involve streaming regular season games. The organization hopes to gather more information about how their fans watch games and what features they’d want in an over-the-top (OTT) service.”


With owner Steve Ballmer's experience being the former CEO of Microsoft, it's no surprise that the franchise is one of the first teams to look into this streaming service due to his knowledge and happenings within the technological world. And with more and more Americans cutting the cord on cable, it's also no surprise that teams are now looking into streaming services for their NBA viewing habits.

Realistically, the Clippers will probably find themselves with a new TV contract. However, it wouldn't be surprising to see some sort of streaming service set up regularly for more professional sports teams.

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