After young celebrity rapper/mogul Lil B aka “The Based God” cursed Lakers young star point guard D'Angelo Russell live on SportsNation, throngs of fans pleaded with Lil B on all social media platforms to recant the dreaded BasedGod curse that has plagued the likes of OKC Thunder superstar Kevin Durant and Houston Rockets icon James Harden. In response, both Lil B and D'Angelo Russell worked out the negative feelings over twitter and Laker fans rejoiced knowing that their future would be okay.

However, in a DraftKings promotional video featuring both Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns, Russell didn't seem quite done with his newfound controversy regarding the twitter icon and young rapper. When asked, “What do you think of Lil B?”, Russel produced a poop emoji as a response to the question.

Apparently, not all is settled between D'Angelo Russell and Lil B's curse, and the entire Lakers population now shifts their attention to pray for their potential future franchise star. Karl Anthony-Towns, on the other hand, showed full support of Lil B and his ways, telling Russell, “You gotta understand BasedGod.”

Russell concluded his slam of Lil B by responding, “Yeah, what he said. I don't.”

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