On Sunday, former Pakistan skipper Mohammad Hafeez was blasted on social media after he defended his controversial ‘laadla' (pampered) remark made against the Indian cricket team during the recently concluded Asia Cup. At the time, Mohammad Hafeez had claimed that it was the financial clout of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) that forced the international fraternity to met out special treatment to the Men in Blue and not their performances on the pitch.

“I don't know a lot, but I definitely know that in our society, whoever is the earner is loved by everyone, is the most laadla (pampered), gets the most kisses from everyone,” Mohammad Hafeez had told PTV Sports ahead of India's Super 4 clash against Pakistan in the UAE earlier this month.

“India is a revenue-making country. So even in bilateral series across the world, where they get sponsorship, they get a jackpot, it's hard to deny these things,” Mohammad Hafeez added.

This week, Mohammad Hafeez was asked to explain the logic behind his comment against India during an interaction hosted by Cricket Pakistan. While the former Pakistan all-rounder broke his silence on the matter, he stood by his remark.

“If I'm being honest, it's a beautiful sport and every team play the game beautifully. They have their own styles of play, but we all know that when it comes to India, people stay silent about them on many things. It's almost as if you can't criticise India,” Mohammad Hafeez claimed.

“You should always indulge in constructive criticism. I have always been against biased opinions on a platform, and turn personal against someone. Many a times, some people think that they don't need advice on anything. It shouldn't be the case. You should always be open to advice and guidance. I have always remained honest with my statements, and talk about things that I learned from this game,” he explained.

“It's my personal opinion and I said that. There is no doubt that the Indian players are big products, their name hold big value. But it isn't as if only they play well. Many other players inspire as well. That's why I used that word, because I feel they are being treated as ‘laadla'. I stand by my statement,” Mohammad Hafeez stated.

Mohammad Hafeez, however, received flak for standing by his words against India with many supporters of Rohit Sharma and company taking to Twitter to slam the former Pakistan cricketer.

“Instead making yourself better and richer, you’ll prefer to be a crybaby and keep criticising India. We did not ask anyone to treat Indian cricketers treat like a “Laadla”. They do it because we play regular and better cricket than Pakistan. Do something to make yourself better,” an Indian cricket admirer posted on the microblogging network.

“India has work hard on the game post 1983 World Cup and getting the rewards now. Indian government has worked harder to put India on World map as an emerging economy super power. Why don’t you people do something about it instead of wasting your time thinking about India,” another added.

“India has no time for Pak that's what hurts them,” a third wrote.

“I don’t see any Indian cricketer talking shit about any Pakistani cricketer but you guys have all the time in world to do so. Get a life man,” a fourth declared.

“Indian cricketers are highly valued because indian board has earned a name for itself unlike some cricketing boards who are known as “Begging bowl of the world,” a fifth mentioned.

“Mohammad hafeez statement is as useless as ‘ay' in okay,” a sixth summed up.

“Indian don't play other leagues. Indian players better cricket khelte hain. Kehne ka matlab hai zarurat kya hai indian players pe bolne ki? Aur bol kaun raha hai jiski 430 international matches me 21 centuries,” a seventh opined.

“No means to hear Hafeez…woh cricket se fariq ho chuka hai ab ..or woh jis channel pe baithta hai uske TRP k liye kuch bhi bole chala jayega … He is TRP seeker no more cricket,” an eighth suggested.




However, Mohammad Hafeez isn't the first famous name from Pakistan to criticize India in recent days as their chief selector Muhammad Wasim too had taken a swipe at the neighboring country's cricket team this week.

“India is a billion-dollar team. But we showed last year as well as this year in the Asia Cup that this team is capable of winning and I have complete faith that they will continue to give the fans happiness in the World Cup,” Muhammad Wasim said in a press conference.

“I think you need to look at the positives too that we have played the semifinals of the last T20 World Cup and the final of the Asia Cup. So to completely discard the team on the basis of a couple of bad performances wouldn't be fair,” he added.