This April, ClutchPoints moved into their very first headquarters in West Los Angeles, just outside of Santa Monica.

“I’m excited about starting our next chapter. StartUp UCLA and UCLA in general has been very kind to us, giving us two full years of office space in the most prime location of Westwood,” said founder/CEO Nish Patel. “We have outgrown the space and have transitioned to our new office right outside Santa Monica in the Sawtelle district of West LA. Our plan is to have the ultimate working experience in a place with bright minds and obviously a lot of sports talk.”

The move marks an important milestone for the sports media startup that officially began less than a year ago but traces its roots back to 2012.

While studying for midterm exams in ’12, Patel was inspired by a viral UCLA Memes Facebook page. Shortly after, he combined his passion for the NBA and comedy to create NBA Memes. Within just one week, the page gained over 100,000 fans, and by the end of its first month of existence it had compiled 1,000,000 users.

To accelerate the creation of content for the page as well as its growth, Patel joined forces with fellow Simi Valley High School and UCLA peer Willy He in 2013. Together they fueled growth through viral content and ensuring all fan questions and content submissions were answered.

This quickly turned the content creation operation into user-generated content due to the mass scale of users engaged in submitting content daily. To capitalize more specifically on individual fans’ favorite teams and players, Patel and He began creating team and player-specific fan pages primarily on the NBA but also the NFL and MLB.

With the foundation laid for what would eventually become ClutchPoints’ social media network, Patel and He were accepted into UCLA’s Startup UCLA program in 2014, including their first office. Later that year, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block presented Patel with an Entrepreneurship award.

ClutchPoints officially began at Startup UCLA in 2015, with the website launching in September and the mobile application in October.