When the ball swished the net as the regulation clock expired, Los Angeles Lakers guard Rajon Rondo knew that he had made history. He admitted that he had fantasies of beating the Boston Celtics, his former team. But he couldn't believe that it came by way of a game-winner.

In a post-game interview with Kristen Ledlow of NBA on TNT, Rondo shared what was running thru his mind in that critical possession. And even before the game started, Rondo knew that playing against his former team is going to be special.  Asked on where his mind goes first right as he entered the building, Rondo said:

“Home. Where where it all started. You know, Danny [Ainge] believed in me from day one. And my career probably wouldn't be the same if I went anywhere else.”

Rondo finished with 17 points, 10 assists, and seven rebounds. More importantly, he sealed what may be the Lakers' most important win of the season. It was a victory right after the trade deadline. Right after his team was the favorite subject of trade rumors.

As the season progresses, the Lakers will be placed under a microscope. Critics will keep their eyes peeled on how the Lakers will handle the struggles and various controversies that have been pulling them down. Whatever the result may be, Thursday's win over the Celtics proved that the purple and gold squad have the capacity to achieve something special.