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Marshawn Lynch curses out Donald Trump during appearance on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’

Marshawn Lynch, Donald Trump

Marshawn Lynch always seems to be on edge. From “retiring” during halftime of the Super Bowl by tweeting out a photo with cleats hanging up, from saying “I’m just here so I don’t get fined,” his distaste for common discourse has remained a part of his personality. He’s infamous for hating to talk to the media as a member of the Seattle Seahawks. But when he does speak his mind, he speaks with emphasis.

Donald Trump and Lynch have a long-standing history of dislike for each other. In 2017, Lynch decided to sit for the entire regular season during the national anthem, and instead stood during the Mexican national anthem during a game in Mexico City. This excited Trump, as he tweeted out his anger for his “unpatriotic” actions.

Lynch joined Real Time with Bill Maher and spoke freely about his shenanigans, including lighting a blunt off of the Al Davis Memorial Torch. He also mentioned his dislike for the sitting U.S. president.

Lynch said per a transcription from NBC Bay Area’s Kiki Intarasuwan:

“That motherf—– says a lot of s—. You call me unpatriotic, but you come to my neighborhood where I’m from and you’ll see me take my shirt off my back and give it to someone in need. What would you call that?”

Lynch is now 33 years of age and likely doesn’t have many years left in the NFL. He is currently a free agent. It remains to be seen what Trump will say back to him, or if Lynch will be fined by the league for slander or his behavior involving the torch.