On the Fox reality TV show Stars on Mars, things got heated between Marshawn Lynch and Ronda Rousey. During the latest episode, it was required for the crew of celebrities to choose a base commander for the following 24 hours. Lynch said he would make things simple: he would fight for the role. So Rousey stepped up for the wrestling match.

The show Stars on Mars follows celebrities of all types in a simulation space station. There, they must work together to make it to Mars. The contestants live, eat, sleep, and strategize with each other in this epic challenge. Some of the celebrities include: Lance Armstrong, Adam Rippon, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Ariel Winter. The most recent challenge was choosing a new base commander. So this Seahawk stepped up to the plate.

“You know what? I'mma make this simple,” Marshawn Lynch said, making his way to a clear area for a thrown down. “Yeah, I throw hands, baby.”

Lynch was the self appointed leader of the bunch, so obviously he was ready to take on a more official role. However, his opponent is no stranger to the wrestling ring. UFC champion and WWE fighter Ronda Rousey decided she wanted to be in charge as well.

“You wanna fight for base commander? All right!” Rousey said.

Someone said they had their money on Rousey, a safe choice. The two began wrestling, but the new base commander had yet to be decided. The winner won't be shown until the episode airs later tonight at 8 pm on Fox.