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Double Masters 2022 Release Date: When is Double Masters 2022 Out?

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The next massive Modern set for Magic: The Gathering will be coming out soon. Here is when the Double Masters 2022 Release Date will be.

Double Masters 2022 Release Date: July 8, 2022

The Modern Set compilation expansion Double Masters 2022 will be coming out on July 8, 2022. Preview Events will be held at local game stores from July 1-3, 2022.

Double Masters 2022 is the second Double Masters set for Magic: The Gathering. It is a physical-only set and will not be appearing in MTG Arena.

Each Double Masters 2022 booster pack will contain two rare cards plus two foil cards. The rare cards in each set have a chance to be a Mythic. Double Masters 2022 will be containing 332 cards, with 91 commons, 80 uncommons, 120 rares, 40 mythic rares, and 1 special card: Cryptic Spires, a new type of Land card that allows players to declare two mana colors for it to produce. Every rare and mythic rare card in the set has a foil-etched version, and many are reprinted with new artworks and with extended and borderless versions. Bring to Light and Weathered Wayfarer feature as the set’s Release Cards, promotional cards given away during in-store events.

Double Masters 2022 also has a special draft rule: each player takes two cards at a time, similar to Commander Draft.

Double Masters 2022 is chock-full of quality reprints, effectively bringing down the price of some of the more expensive cards in the secondary market to a much more affordable price. Just some of the amazing reprints found in this set include Imperial Seal, Food Chain, and for the first time ever, Dockside Extortionist.