After passing away yesterday, Muhammad Ali has been receiving an outpouring of support and praise on social media by all athletes in every sport. Dwyane Wade who shares the same birthday as Ali, left the legendary boxer a very special message on his Instagram. It's incredible to see the influence Ali had on so many different athletes.

“Muhammad Ali and I share the same birthday and that alone made me feel I had purpose. Yes, he was a great boxer, the greatest of all but as a courageous humanitarian, that is where his brilliance spoke loudest to me. He made me believe I could become HIM. I could be my own man, use my own voice, stand up for my beliefs AND be respected for what I do on my battle field which is the court.
He was strong, proud and vocal … a black man who lead by words and action. Misunderstood and unappreciated for most of his life. Thanks for standing for all but especially your own. It was always my honor to be in his presence and I am a better man for it. #RIPALI”

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