Atlanta Hawks guard Jeff Teague shared an interesting message after all of the trade rumors and speculation about his play this season.

The seven-year guard averaged 15.7 point, 5.9 assists, and 1.2 steals this season in 79 games. He also found himself in a different part of the team's rotation, backing up Dennis Shroder from the bench who started in his place often.

What Teague revealed about his health on his Instagram account Thursday was surprising.

They wont tell y’all but I played with a tear in my patella the whole year and could barely jump or stop but it’s coo got that taken care #illbebackdunking #they wontsaythatpart

Teague has since deleted the post, but not before it was captured by the internet. It appears that he's hinting that he had surgery to repair the tear in his patella

It's not clear if he has come to grips with losing his starting spot, because he recently sent out a tweet about not being able to play, even weeks and weeks after their season ended.

Teague has one more year on his contract, and Atlanta doesn’t seem completely set on keeping him around. He has already been named in trade rumors with the Sixers‘ big man Nerlens Noel.

Next season may very will find Teague donning a new uniform.

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