Ben Simmons has made some noise around the basketball world by not working out for the Philadelphia 76ers, the franchise projected to select him with the first overall pick in the draft. Simmons actually won't work out for any team, likely at the request of his agent. When your draft stock is at the top, why risk lowering it with a bad workout?

Still, given the huge investment the Sixers are probably about to make in him, it has rubbed some people the wrong way. President Bryan Colangelo is not one of those people (via CBS Sports):

“It's not a red flag,” Sixers president of basketball operation Bryan Colangelo said. “Everybody deals with the draft process differently. Sometimes agents are involved. Sometimes families are involved in those decisions. Again, everything we get in respect to our intel that it relates to Ben, is he would very much like to be selected No. 1.”

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart feels much differently, expressing his frustration on ESPN's The Jump earlier today:

Summed up, Hart says the decision to not work out for the Sixers “says a lot about Ben Simmons,” questioning his attitude, professionalism, and maturity. He tries to clarify his comments afterward, saying that he's calling out Simmons' people out rather than the LSU product himself.

Simmons' agent is Rich Paul, who most notably represents LeBron James.

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