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LeBron James PSA 8 breaks record for highest sold 2020 Prizm card

LeBron James PSA 8, Prizm card, Lakers

With the new season fast approaching, the Los Angeles Lakers have loaded up in pursuit of ring number 18. At that point, all eyes will be on LeBron James and a roster filled with aging veterans itching to reach the promised land. But the King isn’t just the most well-known name in the court, he’s also the most sought-after in the card market. Case in point, a record broken by his latest Prizm card.

In a post on Instagram, Goldin Auctions recently announced that a PSA 8 2020 Panini Prizm Gold LeBron James card was sold for $99,630 in an auction managed by the company. This development turns the card into the most expensive one from Panini’s 2020-21 Prizm set.

The card itself is a favorite among avid basketball hobbyists. It features James mimicking a dunk performed by the late Kobe Bryant almost two decades ago in a game against the Houston Rockets. Moreover, the card’s short-print gold parallel matches the King’s Laker jersey, making it more visually striking. Take those elements together, encase them all inside a PSA slab, and you’ve got an insane pull that’s highly coveted by collectors all over the world.

While James’ Prizm card is a good one to have, his 2003 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Rookie Patch auto is a lot better. During the same day, Goldin Auctions released the price for a copy encased in a BGS 9 slab. Spoiler alert – it went for a lot of money. To be exact, $2,029,500.


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And just like the previous entry, this one’s a record-breaker too. Goldin Auctions stated that this specific LeBron James rookie card garnered the highest sale in any grade. This means that out of the 99 copies produced of this card, this particular pull is the most expensive so far.

Without a doubt, James remains to be the hottest name when it comes to basketball cards. If he and the Lakers manage to overcome the odds and win the title, these cards will surely ascend into a whole new level of value.