Reality TV stars Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan, known for their roles on “The Real Housewives of Miami” and as the son of basketball legend Michael Jordan, respectively, are set to make history as they join the cast of season 2 of “The Traitors.” This unique reality competition series, hosted by Alan Cumming, places contestants in a Scottish castle, where some are designated as “Traitors,” and others must identify them, People reports.

What adds an intriguing twist to this season is that Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan, who are in a relationship, will be pitted against each other in the game. They started dating in 2022, shortly after Larsa filed for divorce from her former husband, NBA star Scottie Pippen.

Production for the second season of “The Traitors” has already begun in Scotland and is expected to continue for several weeks. This season will exclusively feature famous faces, in contrast to the previous season, which included both reality stars and unknown players.

“The Traitors” is based on the Dutch series “De Verraders” and gained popularity with its first U.S. season on Peacock in January. Other versions of the show have been produced in the U.K. and Australia, all available for streaming on Peacock.

The upcoming season promises to bring together some of the most cunning and strategic players from the world of reality TV and beyond. Fans can anticipate an exciting battle of wits and deception as Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan take on the challenge in this unique psychological reality competition.

Stay tuned for more drama and suspense as “The Traitors” season 2 unfolds in its stunning Scottish castle setting.