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Burtland Dixon

Entertainment, Music, Celebrity
California/New York
Cal State San Marcos
Past Work:
Idolator, Trend Chaser, Buzznet
As an avid enthusiast of entertainment, Burtland Dixon is a passionate individual who revels in the magic of movies, sports, music, and pop culture. Whether it's catching the latest blockbuster, watching the marquee matchup of the week, attending live concerts, or getting immersed in the world of gaming, Burtland finds joy in all forms of entertainment.

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Leonardo DiCaprio, Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor recently addressed the swirling rumors about her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, emphasizing that their interaction was purely professional and friendly, SheKnows reports. The speculation ignited after they were spotted in close conversation at a pre-Oscars party and further fueled by a behind-the-scenes photo from their current film project. Setting the Record Straight During […]

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