For the past year alone, there has been so much hype surrounding Panini's Logoman cards. From the time Drake purchased so many Flawless cases to hit that LeBron James Triple Logoman to the one that featured Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green on it, and everything in between. But just recently, the Orlando Magic's Jalen Suggs joined in on the fun as he turned his Panini National Treasures Logoman rookie auto into a masterpiece.

In a post shared by Backyard Breaks, Suggs signed his 2021-22 Panini National Treasures One of One Logoman rookie auto and inscribed something that set it apart from the crowd. In it, the Magic's young star wrote “take care of this for me” along with his signature on the card. Suggs would go on to end his personalized message with a smiley.

The Logoman card itself is truly a sight to see for NBA card collectors, especially those who have invested in Jalen Suggs' stock in the market. It features his profile on the left while wearing a Magic jersey, a Logoman 75th anniversary patch on the left, Panini's well-known Rookie Card shield on the upper left area, and Suggs' signature down below. Along with those details, a One of One brand is also found on the card, indicating that it's the only one of its kind in existence.

Image 1 - National Treasures Jonathan Kuminga Auto Logoman Patch Booklet RPA RC /5 Warrior

While the value of this Jalen Suggs Logoman from Panini isn't determined yet, it's safe to say that the card itself is going to get a lot of attention on the market. A good example would be Jonathan Kuminga's Logoman patch auto booklet, which is numbered to five copies by Panini and last sold on eBay for $1,500. Using that Kuminga card as a benchmark, it's expected that Suggs' rarer Logoman can exceed that price.

In any case, this Logoman One of One rookie card by the Orlando Magic's Jalen Suggs sets itself apart from other offerings in the NBA card market. With that kind of inscription, any collector would be delighted with this bonkers piece of memorabilia from Panini.