The hobby of collecting sports cards has been trending during the past few years and among its biggest draws is no other than Luka Doncic. Rightfully so because the Dallas Mavericks' All-Star has proven to not only be a big name on the court, his stock is getting top money in the card market as well. But while the Slovenian guard has his fair share of fans, there's one person who doesn't understand why his rookie cards are worth so much – Skip Bayless.


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In a video shared by Find Your Trove on Instagram, an old video of Bayless that dates back to March of last year has him going on the offensive as they discuss Doncic's massive worth in the hobby. The sports commentator starts off by saying that he's baffled by the runaway popularity that made Doncic the pre-season MVP favorite.

“He’s s below-average shooter, from the three and from the three-point line. He’s been terribly un-clutch. He was 0 for 13 in the regular season on late clutch shots, before that recent game in Boston. He plays little to no defense. He never says anything that has been entertaining. He’s not a great leader. His body language can be pitiful at times. What am I missing here? What has vaulted him to the top of popularity?” Bayless expounds.

Shannon Sharpe, his co-host, tries to explain that Doncic is being touted as the next transcendent player in the NBA. As is the case with LeBron James, people want to get his rookie NBA cards early with the hope that they could rise in the future, he added. Sharpe also said that some of these Luka Doncic rookie cards can even potentially reach $10 to 15 million one day.

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More than a year later from this video and there's no doubt about Doncic's role in the NBA. Without a doubt, he's one of the best players out there and among the brightest stars that can carry the league into the future.  And while Bayless is entitled to his opinion, there is a very good reason or two why the Mavericks' All-Star guard is a big draw in the NBA card market. Even one year after that rant, Doncic's stock just keeps getting more and more valuable, even with Bayless ranting cluelessly about it.