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Million-dollar Josh Allen rookie card turned down by regretful collector for Sam Darnold

Josh Allen, Bills, Cards

There would always be a point in any collector’s life wherein a bonkers good card would come his or her way. It gets better if a graded card of Luka Doncic or Shohei Ohtani drops on your lap out of nowhere. But even if that happens, most people in the hobby won’t have an idea how valuable their card is until the athlete involved becomes a hot one. This is exactly what happened with the previous owner of a massive Josh Allen rookie card, who went on to hold on to a Sam Darnold piece of memorabilia in exchange for the Buffalo Bills’ star quarterback.

Josh Allen, Bills, Sports Cards

In one of Find Your Trove’s recent posts, an insane 2018 Panini National Treasures Platinum NFL Shield rookie patch auto of Josh Allen was pegged to be a sports card worth $2 million. The said card is encased in a BGS slab with a grade of 9, making it more valuable in the market. With Allen’s impressive start to the season, there’s really no reason for this patch auto of the Bills’ star to go unnoticed in the hobby.

It could have been all good and well with this Josh Allen rookie card post until someone replied with a story no collector would ever want to go through. In the comments, an account that goes by mdube16sports cards let everyone know that this graded NFL card was once in his or her own possession. The sad thing about it is the previous owner let this massive One of One card go for NFL shield card of Sam Darnold, the current quarterback of the Carolina Panthers.

As it stands, the price of the Darnold NFL shield card is still not yet determined. In any case, it’s sure to pale in comparison to the Josh Allen rookie card, especially since the Bills’ quarterback is on a roll right now in the NFL. It’s also a good reminder to sports card collectors to never let your guard down on those bangers, especially for promising prospects like Allen.