Everyone's excited for the NBA to start again, but ESPN's new theme song for the 2022-23 season is doing a fine job of taking away the energy of fans. Based on the reactions it is getting so far on Twitter, it appears that ESPN's freshest TV anthem for its coverage of the NBA is simply not hitting the right notes.

Before we get into some of the reactions — and if you haven't heard it yet — please take some time to give the theme song a spin first.

Personally, this ESPN NBA theme song just sounds lame. I'm not going to have any problem or issues with it if you told me that this is the new opening track for Draymond Green's podcast but quite honestly, this doesn't get me excited at all for a basketball game, let alone for a contest that is about to be played by two professional teams. I'm not so sure ESPN is going to convert new fans of the NBA with an arrangement like that. Anthony Fantano would probably give this theme song a grade of “light 1 to decent 2” and Pitchfork would get it a score of 2.3. Then again, what do I really know about music?

Now on to the reactions.

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Some people are still going to like this, of course, including the family of whoever composed it. Either way, what fans are more excited to hear are the true sounds of an NBA game like that of a basketball swishing through the net and that of shoes squeaking.