Patriots news: Asante Samuel takes credit for Bill Belichick's success
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Asante Samuel takes credit for Bill Belichick’s success

New England PAtriots

Star cornerback Asante Samuel spent five seasons as a member of the New England Patriots. During his time there, he taught head coach Bill Belichik a thing or two about the cornerback position. Or at least, that’s what he says.

The former Pats cornerback helped them win two Super Bowls. But apparently he thinks he deserved more credit than just for his contributions on the field.

He claims that the techniques that he used to promote as a player, Belichik would dissuade him from doing. And after a decade since Adams suited up for New England, he thinks that Bill’s now taken a page out of his cornerback book.

The Pro-Bowler made it clear how he felt in a recent series of tweets:

Asante Samuel was known for what was called a “T-step” technique which involved setting his feet in position to break for the ball faster. This is regarded as a high-risk, high-reward play that could be considered hyper-aggressive. But it helped him pile up on his interceptions throughout his career.

Samuel also recalled another memory he had with his old head coach, during a game as a member of the Atlanta Falcons.

Samuel and Belichik have clearly had an icy relationship to say the least. With Belichik’s adoption of more modern techniques, his former star cornerback clearly feels a bit of vindication.

But whether he really did impact the way the Patriots are being coached, or if Bill simply adapted to a changing game remains to be seen.